Academic Affairs

a man in a suit and tie
Dr. Tim Huebner
an African American man in a blue suit
Dr. Justin Rose
a woman with blonde hair smiles at the camera
Dr. Natalie Person
a woman with shoulder-length hair and glasses
Dr. Rashna Richards

Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

  • Budget, staffing, & administration
  • Part-time faculty
  • Registration, enrollment, & advising
  • Academic space
  • Summer school
  • Post-grad programs

Dean for Faculty Recruitment, Development, and Diversity

  • Faculty Recruitment
  • New faculty orientation
  • Faculty development & mentoring
  • Faculty prof. travel
  • Rotational professorships

Dean for Curricular Development

  • New program development & revenue generation
  • International education
  • Maymesters
  • Hill/Buckman
  • Pre-College programs

Dean for Faculty Reviews and Assessment

  • Faculty Reviews
  • PRS forms
  • Administration of student eval
  • Eval of dept/program chairs
  • Sabbatical/early leaves
  • External reviews of dept/program
a woman with short brown hair

Administrative Assistant
April Allen

a young man with a beard

Administrative Assistant II
Stevie Drieberg