Apply to Rhodes

First-Year Application Checklist

You are more than just a number, so we ask for more than just your GPA! Use the first-year application checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything important.

Application Options

First-year students can choose from three application options: Early Decision I and II, Early Action, and Regular Decision.

International Application Checklist

International students bring enormous talent and distinctive perspectives to our campus and are warmly welcomed. Use the international application checklist.

Homeschool Application Checklist

As a homeschooled student, your high school education is unique to you. Use the homeschool application checklist.

Non-Degree Application Checklist

Applying as a Non-Degree Student allows you to audit one class per semester or take up to two classes or eight hours for credit per semester. Use the non-degree application checklist.

Transfer Application Checklist

At Rhodes, you are considered a transfer student if you’ve taken more than two courses in a single term at another accredited college. Use the transfer application checklist.