Graduate Studies

A stone building surrounded by trees with a tower off in the distance.

As a predominantly undergraduate college, Rhodes offers unique programs and personalized counseling for students who plan to pursue advanced degrees. Designated faculty members guide students through application for the major postgraduate scholarships. Others provide mentoring for those entering programs in law, medicine, ministry and others. Rhodes students enjoy an exceptionally high rate of acceptance into graduate and professional programs.

In addition, through the Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Arts in Urban Education, and Dual Degree programs, students may also undertake continued work toward graduate degrees at Rhodes. Rhodes College students majoring in Business or Economics/Business or non-Rhodes students majoring in accounting may earn the M.S. in Accounting in two semesters. In the Dual Degree programs, students can, for instance, receive a master’s degree from another institution, along with a bachelor’s from Rhodes, after taking extra courses to fulfill requirements. These programs are listed in our catalog.