Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an alumnus or alumna who has made an extraordinary effort to advance the Rhodes Vision.  Nominated by members of the Rhodes staff, award recipients are recognized for a variety of endeavors including:

  • Serving as an alumni mentor
  • Providing opportunities for student internships
  • Helping students and alumni develop career networks
  • Encouraging the best high school students to consider attending Rhodes
  • Securing gifts that ensure a Rhodes education to the best-suited students, regardless of financial need

The award is presented at the Annual Convocation of the Rhodes College Alumni Association, held during Homecoming each fall.

Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

2015 Robert Wild M.D. '66

2011 Colin L. Cox '99

2010 F. Michael Royer, Shelley J. Royer (Parents of Laine ’07 and Brooks ’10)

2008 John B. Maxwell ’57

2007 William H. McLean ’57

2006 Pamela Palmer Montesi ’80

2005 M. Jerome Franklin ’89

2004 Robert A. “Bobbo” Jetmundsen ’77

2003 J.L. Jerden ’59

2002 C. Williams Butler, III ’63

2001 Michael A. Edwards ’79

2000 Wayne Steele Sharp ’75

1999 Patricia A. Gray ’69

1998 William E. McClure ’51

1997 Katherine H. Nelson ’47

1996 Walter B. Howell ’66

1995 J. Lester Crain, Jr. ’51

1994 Dossett Foster ’64

1993 David and Beth LeMaster Simpson ’58