Annual Fund

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund lies at the heart of the Rhodes experience. It is the bridge between income from endowment and tuition and what it costs to educate a student at Rhodes. Every student benefits from Annual Fund gifts. Because gifts are unrestricted, we can put them to use immediately in the area most needed.

Why it is important to give

Your gift is an important part of the fiscal health of the college. The Annual Fund is not an add-on, it is part of the budget, and our students rely on your support to help keep tuition costs competitive. Additionally, prospective family, grant funders and rating organizations like U.S. News & World Report look at the rate of alumni participation in the Annual Fund as an indicator of alumni satisfaction with their experience at Rhodes.

How we will put your gift to use

As part of the budget, Annual Fund gifts touch every aspect of life at Rhodes – from providing technology in the classrooms and library, to faculty support, to collaborative faculty/student research opportunities, to keeping the grounds beautiful and the lights on! If you choose, we offer 6 designations that allow you to direct your gift:

  • Financial Aid (scholarships)
  • Library/Technology
  • Faculty Support
  • Campus Preservation
  • Campus Life
  • Where Need is Greatest