Arts at Rhodes

A choir sings with hands raised
A professor and student discuss a painting in progress.

The Department of Art and Art History at Rhodes offers a program that empowers students to discover their own critical thinking, visual literacy, and critical response skills. The program offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from renowned faculty, explore the breadth of art history, and gain hands-on experience in the studio. With a professional campus gallery and access to internships, students can showcase their own original work. The college's strong track record as an undergraduate source for graduate arts programs and its location in a city with a thriving art scene make it a perfect setting for self-discovery.

A woman singing in front of a band.

A comprehensive, diverse, and flexible music program at Rhodes College fosters a lifelong love of music. We help students develop their aural, analytical, and aesthetic skills, preparing them for professional careers and graduate school. We strive to create a community of true music enthusiasts and to facilitate personal growth through collaborative engagement with the department, encouraging a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

A group of women dance in a black-box theatre.

Plato once wrote, "to sing and dance well is to be well educated."

A minor in dance provides students with a range of experiences that encourage creative exploration and critical thinking. Students are required to take dance performance courses, musical structure, and a dance in culture course. Pursuing dance as a minor develops awareness, understanding, and competency in all forms of movement.

Get Involved

You don’t have to be a fine art or music major to be involved in the arts at Rhodes; you can continue your music lessons, audition for one of our performance groups, attend lectures by world-famous visiting artists, or immerse yourself in one of the frequent exhibitions at the Clough-Hanson Gallery. Opportunities for involvement—either as a performer or as part of an appreciative audience—are encouraged for all Rhodes students through our on-campus groups and venues.

Two students performing  in McCoy Theatre

The arts are a force that brings people together. Joining student-led arts organizations at Rhodes is a chance to explore, continue to develop your performing skills, and be a part of a lively, supportive community. From the Rhodes Dance Company to the Rhodes Theatre Guild to Contents Under Pressure, the student-led improv company, there are many ways to become involved in the arts. These organizations provide a space to create and showcase your talents, as well as connect with others who share your interests. If there's not already a student club or organization that meets your interests, we encourage you to propose one of your own!

A student prepares to play along with award winning recording artists.

The Mike Curb Institute for Music at Rhodes College promotes awareness and understanding of the distinct musical traditions of the South, as well as the impact music has had on its culture, history, and economy. Students and faculty can experience and celebrate the "Tennessee Music Miracle" with support and opportunities from the Institute in partnership with the community. Interested in discovering the music heritage of the American South? The Mike Curb Institute at Rhodes College can get you started.