Get Involved

It’s no accident that Rhodes students are involved in more than 100 student organizations on campus. We intentionally seek students who are involved, have a desire to learn, and contribute to their community.

students gather around a table to do projects

Involvement in the arts enriches one’s character and contributes to the life of the community. Our historic support of the arts is reflected in the numerous scholarships available to students majoring in the arts or pursuing an interest in arts organization management.

lacrosse player

Rhodes Athletics promotes and enhances personal growth and development of the scholar athlete, recognizing that student-athletes are first and foremost students pursuing academic excellence. We create opportunities for participation in varsity athletics, club sport, intramurals and individual exercise and recreation, which emphasize inclusion and physical and mental well-being.

Two students threading ivy through a chain link fence

With more than 100 community partners cross the city, students have the option to serve the community based on their interests and passions, or to engage with organizations that align closely with their academic majors. Students can get involved in advocacy initiatives, educational events, large-scale service plunges, or weekly service that connects them more deeply to a cause or organization. 

Communities in Conversation, the signature lecture series at Rhodes College, provides a forum for dialogue on a variety of topics in the humanities, as well as those related to current affairs. Annually, we host 8-10 keynote lectures, symposia, conferences, and film series. Each of these events offers a lineup of nationally recognized scholars and intellectuals discussing key topics in the humanities and the broader culture.

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FYE is a year-long, integrative program for first-year students that is designed to ensure your success. Through participation in a weekly First-Year Seminar class and a wide range of other events and activities, you will explore what it means to be a member of the Rhodes community.

The Office of Inclusion advocates for the promotion of a culturally diverse and nondiscriminatory campus community, preparing you for the pursuit of lifelong learning. We are open to assist all students regardless of race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin.

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The Office of the Chaplain fosters and enriches the religious and spiritual life of the Rhodes College community. At Rhodes there are many opportunities for religious and spiritual growth through relationships, fellowship groups, events, meditative spaces, and more.

Student Employment is a great way to help with college expenses. Job opportunities both on and off campus are available for Rhodes students with demonstrated financial need.

When you join the Rhodes community, you commit yourself to the ideals of both freedom and responsibility represented by the Honor Code, Social Regulations Code and the Commitment to Diversity. Our students oversee their rules and activities through the following elected bodies: Rhodes Student Government, Class Council, Honor Council, Social Regulations Council, Rhodes Activities Board and Rhodes Lecture Board.