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Rhodes Department of Athletics Mission Statement

In keeping with Rhodes Vision, Rhodes Athletics will promote and enhance personal growth and development of the scholar athlete, recognizing that student-athletes are first and foremost students pursing academic excellence. In view of the health and educational value of athletics, Rhodes has created opportunities for participation in varsity athletics, club sport, intramurals, and individual exercise and recreation, which emphasizes cultural diversity, gender equity and physical and mental well-being for all in the Rhodes community. The athletic department expects coaches, staff members and student-athletes to uphold values of citizenship, service and good conduct, representing both themselves and the college.

Department of Athletic Objectives (The 5 R's)

  1. Recruitment - of quality student-athletes whose attributes fir with Rhodes Vision and Athletic Mission, enabling them to be successful both on the field and in the classroom.
  2. Retention - through mentoring our student-athletes to find their niche at Rhodes to develop skills necessary to be successful in life after college athletics
  3. Rally - create a team atmosphere in our individual teams and as an athletic department that encourages campus and community spirit with fair play, good sportsmanship and ethical conduct of its student-athletes and athletic staff.
  4. Respect - for Rhodes teams, spectators, officials and competitors
  5. Road to Victory - Rhodes aims for a level of athletic performance that will frequently produce winning seasons and the realistic opportunity to compete for team or individual championships.