Bonner Scholarship

Because it is part of a national program, the Bonner is known as a scholarship, yet it perfectly embodies the characteristics of a fellowship at Rhodes.
If you are passionate about effecting positive change in the world, you may be a good candidate for this award. Each year, we select 15 incoming first-year students with exceptional records of leadership, community-service and/or social-justice work to participate in a unique, four-year leadership program.

As a Bonner Scholar, you will be challenged to connect your academic studies, personal beliefs, leadership skills and philosophy of service to real-life organizations and situations.

In return, we expect you to:

  • Fulfill 10 hours of weekly service and leadership activities
  • Make community service and leadership development one of your highest priorities
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50
  • Participate in special activities and twice annual retreats
  • Attend a group service trip at the end of your first year
  • Work in community service for two summers

What benefits will I receive as a Bonner Scholar?

  • A scholarship of $12,500 per year
  • Your documented need (as determined by the FAFSA) met through institutional and federal funding, which will include subsidized loans
  • $2,500 in earnings and living expenses for each of the two summers you participate in service projects
  • An additional $500 available to senior Bonner Scholars for a final summer service project or for a special project during senior year
  • A four-year program of leadership development, reflection and service activities

How do I qualify?
Requirements for the Bonner Scholarship:

  • Application for admission to Rhodes returned by January 15
  • Bonner Application due by January 15 at 5:00 p.m. (link below) 
  • CSS PROFILE submitted by January 15 and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) submitted by March 1
  • SAT or ACT scores that are competitive for admission
  • A high school record that is competitive for admission
  • Exceptional record of leadership, community service and/or social justice work
  • An Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as determined by the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE of $7,500 or less

Bonner Scholarship Application 

Use your Rhodes College application portal email address and password to access the Bonner application. All applications are due by 5 pm on January 15.

Funding for this program is provided by the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation.

Click here for more information on what it means to be a Bonner Scholar