How Can Alumni Help Admission?

Ways You Can Help

The college admission world is highly competitive. Only 34% of all colleges and universities met their enrollment goals this fall. This work involves an international effort to attract the right students to the college, and we have an extensive communication plan — would you believe we send approximately 8,000,000 emails per year to prospective students? — and a top notch admission staff who work nights and weekends to stay in touch personally with prospective students. However...

We can’t do this work without you. We deeply appreciate every time you refer a neighbor’s child to Rhodes, talk us up in your community, or represent us at a local college fair. Your community engagement on behalf of Rhodes is critical to the college’s success.

• Make a Referral

Please let us know if you have someone you’d like us to contact. Fill out the Refer a Student form.

• Request Admission Brochures

If you would like to have Rhodes Admission Office literature mailed to you, please submit this request form

• Rhodes Admission Representatives

Get to know the Admission Officer from your area.

• Legacy Scholarship

To honor and celebrate the generations of families who have attended Rhodes, the college offers the Legacy Scholarship of $10,000 to eligible first year students. This scholarship is renewable for 8 semesters and awarded to students who indicate on their application for admission that a parent or grandparent graduated from Rhodes College. If an admitted applicant is eligible for a Rhodes scholarship in excess of the amount of the Legacy Scholarship, the higher scholarship will be awarded instead.