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  Ali Hamilton

  Ally Rafferty

  Caleb Fowler

  Lauren Sefton

  Mason Brown

  Mac Trammell

  Megan Starling

  Piyush Kumar

a young woman with short brown hair

Ali Hamilton, Associate Director of Admission  

901-612-3732 (text)
Territory: Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

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A passion for equity in education lives within Ali Hamilton. Since 2016, she has worked in the Rhodes admission office, leading diversity recruitment and managing partnerships with Community Based Organizations in addition to her regular admission duties. “I feel supported to do this work at Rhodes,” she says, “and feel like it’s a genuine priority for the college.”

a young woman with long blonde hair

Ally Rafferty, Assistant Director of Admission  

901-437-0014 (text)
Territories: Arkansas, Florida, North Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont, Transfers

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Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to find out what’s best for you, or what you truly want. Although she looked at Rhodes as a high school student, Ally Rafferty ’19 decided to enter college elsewhere. She quickly realized that the fit at that school wasn’t right, so she transferred closer to her Little Rock, AR, roots, with the understanding that she would look for a small liberal arts environment to call home after that semester. That home became Rhodes, where she participated in many facets of campus life, but most notably worked with the admission team

a young man with a short beard and moustache

Caleb Fowler, Senior Assistant Director of Admission  

901-401-9986 (text) 
Territories: Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas (excluding North Texas)

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The Liberal Arts isn’t just a philosophy of education, it’s also a lifestyle. Caleb Fowler ’18 realizes, and has grown to appreciate, this aspect of his Rhodes experience.

a woman with short curly brown hair

Lauren Sefton, Senior Associate Director of Admission  

901-586-0478 (text)
Territories: Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, International Students, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico

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Lauren Sefton ’03 grew up only a 30-minute train ride from her home in New Jersey to one of the world’s largest cities. While searching for colleges, she knew she didn’t want to be even 30 minutes away from the newest restaurant or concert to come to town. However, she also valued the intimacy of a small campus community, and found that most small schools tended to be in more rural settings, while most urban schools were too large or didn’t have a tight-knit campus environment.

a young woman

Mason Brown, Senior Assistant Director of Admission  

901-617-3572 (text)
Territories: California, East and Central Tennessee

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What makes a school the right choice for a student? Oftentimes that answer can change as one ages. As a high school senior in Richmond, Va., Mason Brown, ‘17, thought, “Rhodes checked all the boxes I was looking for” in a school--small student body, liberal arts curriculum, strong academics, and location in a Southern city.

a young man with brown hair in a suit and tie

Mac Trammell, Assistant Director of Admission  

901-410-9221 (text)
Territories: Louisiana, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, West Tennessee Private and Public  Schools

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As a born-and-reared Memphian, Mac Trammell had always known about Rhodes growing up. But when it came time to choose a college, he had his sights set outside the city limits. He attended and graduated in 2017 from Washington and Lee University, having double majored in Journalism and English.

a woman with short blonde hair

Megan Starling, Director of Admission  

901-329-8954 (text)
Territory: Kentucky

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The student experience not only attracted Megan Starling ‘02 to Rhodes, but also has continued to shape the way she interacts with the school. As a prospective student from Lexington, KY, she wanted to feel an immediate connection to a student community, while simultaneously being able to create and maintain meaningful relationships with professors in and outside the classroom.

a young Indian American man in a suit

Piyush Kumar, Assistant Director of Admission  

901-390-5730 (text)
Territories: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Colorado, South Carolina

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There were several factors that played into the decision Piyush Kumar ’17 made to attend Rhodes College. Memphis, to him, represented an upgrade from his Greenwood, SC, home, and not only did the internship and research opportunities at close-by hospitals and health care providers intrigue the pre-med mind of Piyush, but the diversity he saw on campus during those visits confirmed to him Rhodes was where he wanted to be.