Modus Vivendi

a student examining a clear globe
a student examining a clear globe

Modus Vivendi is the peer-reviewed student journal of international studies at Rhodes College. Published under the auspices of the Sigma Iota Rho honor society, the editorial staff of the journal selects 5-7 articles a year among those submitted anonymously by students. All students are welcome to submit—selection is not limited to IS majors or students enrolled in IS courses. Modus Vivendi has been a tradition in the department since 1995.

Students also have the opportunity to join the editorial board of the national Sigma Iota Rho journal, Journal of International Relations, and submit articles there for review and possible publication. IS students from Rhodes College have an excellent track record of publishing in this journal and working on this board.

cover of Modus Vivendi
>>Volume XXVIII, Spring 2022