Welcome to the Department of Chemistry homepage. Our department views modern chemistry as a broadly diverse science, with roots in physics and mathematics, and applications in biology, geology, neuroscience, medicine, and industry.

About the Department

The philosophy of the Chemistry Department at Rhodes rests on two beliefs. First, Chemistry, as all science, is part of the liberal arts, and so the study of chemistry benefits from concurrent study of arts and humanities as well as athletics and service. Second, Chemistry is truly a central science, and the most exciting work in chemistry is done when it is applied to biology, medicine, neuroscience, materials, archaeology, and other fields. Thus in our department you will find faculty that are proficient not only in chemistry, but also in a variety of applied fields.     

In recent years, graduates of our department have typically followed one of three paths: graduate studies in a Health Profession, including medical school, pharmacy school, dental school, nursing school, or veterinary school; graduate studies in Chemistry; or immediate employment in either Chemical industry or Science education.