Darlene Loprete

The hyphal wall is the cell structure most responsible for mediating the varied interactions between the fungal cell and its environment. The architectural relationships between the numerous polysaccharides and glycoproteins of the wall are little known, as are the steps by which the complex fabric of the wall is assembled and modified. We have isolated 52 strains from an Aspergillus nidulans mutant collection that are deficient in cell wall assembly, determined by hypersensitivity to the chitin synthase inhibitor Calcofluor White at concentrations having little effect on wildtype strains. The phenotype appears as reduced hyphal growth rate, blocked or delayed conidium germination, and aberrant hyphae. The screening strategy is based upon the premise that mutants with already-weakened walls will be less able to endure an additional disturbance from a sublethal concentration of the inhibitor. We have identified 6 single-gene mutations, assigned them to 6 complementation groups and determined cellular and colonial morphologies.

Recent Grants:

National Science Foundation (C-RUI)
Description: Identification of genes regulating cell wall integrity in Aspergillus nidulans, January 2003- January 2006; Awardees: Drs. Hill & Loprete

Description: An interdisciplinary project that involves undergraduates. February 2002-February 2005; Awardees: Drs. Hill, Loprete, Viano and Redfearn

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Dr. Terry Hill 
Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes
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Rhodes student co-authors are in bold.

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Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island (Biochemistry)
B.A. Clark University (Science, Technology and Society)