Internships and Research Opportunities

Two woman work at a computer. One points to something on the screen.
Two woman work at a computer. One points to something on the screen.

On-Campus Opportunities

Each member of the Department has an on-going research program, thus research opportunities for students are available in a wide variety of areas. Students work on computer modeling of drug-protein interactions, synthesis of novel anti-bacterial molecules, analysis of pigments used in cave paintings, studies of the cell walls of fungi, and more. See the Research tab to the left for an in-depth description of each faculty member′s research program.

Research may be undertaken for credit during the year (Chemistry 451 and 452) or for a stipend during the summer.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Many university chemistry departments offer summer research opportunities to qualified undergraduates. These positions carry a stipend and are commonly for eight to ten weeks.

Special Opportunities

Students majoring in chemistry are encouraged to consider becoming involved in the department′s research program (see the Research tab to the left) either during the academic year or in the summer. Through cooperative arrangements, off-campus research opportunities are also available to selected students.

For those students who are interested in pursuing studies in engineering, Rhodes offers a Dual Degree Program in cooperation with Washington University in St. Louis. A student may complete the Rhodes requirements for the Dual Degree Program in three years at an accelerated pace (15-16 credit hours per semester). The student then applies to Washington University for admission to the engineering program there. After two years of intensive engineering study, the student receives two degrees, a Bachelor of Science from Rhodes and a Bachelor of Science from Washington University.

Interested students should contact the departmental chair for additional information.