Campus Safety

We are proud of the low crime rate and extraordinarily safe campus at Rhodes College.

While we recognize that responding to safety and security concerns, preventing crime and documenting policy violations is essential to a safe learning, working and living environment, the focus of the Campus Safety Department is also about service and our partnerships with those on our campus.

Campus Safety consists of approximately 30 women and men who are licensed guards with the State of Tennessee. Each of our officers is dedicated to providing professional customer service to the entire college community. We staff three shifts daily, as well as a 24/7 communications desk that can be accessed by calling 901-843-3880 (non-emergency), or by calling 901-843-3333 (for emergencies). Our office is located at #5 Spann on the northwest corner of University and Tutwiler.

To continue our successful safety and security program there is a three-fold effort:

  • Campus Safety must nurture partnerships with the students, faculty and staff we serve.
  • Rhodes community members must take pride in the safety and security of our campus.
  • All of us need to understand that maintaining a safe community can be accomplished only if we work in partnership to uphold the values at the heart of Rhodes College.

I personally welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

Ike Sloas

Director of Campus Safety