Alma Mater and Fight Song

Alma Mater

Dear Alma Mater, kind the fate
That links our lives with Thee,
For God’s own power that made Thee great
Is the truth that makes us free;
Thy torch has touched our hearts with flame,
Our yearning souls refined,
Through Thee we learn the higher aim,
And train the truer mind.
O Leader to the larger light,

Rhodes College ‘neath Thy wings
Thine own in rev’rent love unite,
And each a tribute brings;
And dreams, such dreams as old can dream,
And visions youth can see,
Keep lighted in our hearts the flame
Once kindled there of Thee.


Fight Song - Lynx March

Roll, roll, roll, roll, Lynx-team roll on!
Fight, fight, fight ‘til vic-t’ry is won!
Our team will win vic-t’ry again;
Lynx team won’t give in! (RAH! RAH! RAH!)
L—Y—N—X Lynx team roll on;
Vic-t’ry is our cry!
Come on and fight, fight, fight, Rhodes College,

Roll, Lynx, roll!

Written by Prof. Charles Mosby ’51