New Alumni Council

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The purpose of the New Alumni Council is to promote Rhodes College, to deepen the loyalty of alumni from the last decade, and to encourage mutually beneficial relationships for the alumni with faculty, staff, students and family of Rhodes College while fostering the development of future leaders.

  • The Council consists of two seats for each of the last ten graduating classes;
  • Members are elected for two year terms;
  • Members are expected to support the college by attending local alumni events and programs, recruiting prospective students, assisting with the career network, and providing financial support;
  • The Council meets four times a year—three via conference call and one in-person during Commencement Weekend.
  • Council members are encouraged to attend and participate in Homecoming activities.


If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) for the New Alumni Council, visit our Nomination Form Webpage.


Morgan B. Hanna Headshot

Nashville, TN

Meredith Hick headshot

Vice President
Washington, D.C.

Arden Smith Headshot

Austin, TX

Murfreesboro, TN

Faith Udabong headshot

Houston, TX

Christine Lu headshot

Houston, TX

Chi Whitley headshot

Austin, TX

Ben Griffith headshot

Arlington, VA

Mary-Anne Phan headshot

Germantown, TN

Heather Troupe headshot

Richmond, TX

Matthew Washnock headshot

Greenville, SC

Alex Wilkerson headshot

Austin, TX

Eric Wong headshot

Germantown, TN

Juan Roncal headshot

Memphis, TN

Veronica Pehlivanov

Memphis, TN