Educational Studies

Program Vision

Rhodes College is committed to combining a liberal arts education with opportunities for our students to integrate classroom learning with practice in our complex, vibrant, and diverse urban settings of Memphis, TN. The goal of our program in Educational Studies is to build upon this commitment to produce future leaders, teachers, researchers, and education policy makers who have hands-on experience in local Memphis and regional school systems.

Program Mission

In collaboration with colleagues on campus and community partners and in keeping with Rhodes’ continuing commitment to academic excellence, the Educational Studies Program strives to:

  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in the study of education as an interdisciplinary field of inquiry and advocacy
  • Prepare educators, advocates, and thought leaders to provide service and leadership in culturally diverse, economically challenged educational systems and communities
  • Provide students with unique opportunities as a leading liberal arts college situated in the heart of a resource-rich urban setting

Educational Studies majors can choose from three tracks:

Teaching and Learning - (licensure optional) - supports students interested in entering the teaching profession as teachers or administrators and those interested in seeking licensure. Students who wish to teach at the secondary level must also major in the discipline in which they plan to teach. All licensure candidates will register for 12 credits and student teach in a ninth semester after graduation.
Community and Social Change - supports students who are interested in educational practices outside traditional educational settings. Prepares students who are interested in adult literacy, education, youth development, educational work in non-profits, museum education, artists-in-residence, community education, environmental educational, etc.
Policy and Reform - provides opportunities for interdisciplinary explorations of pressing social and educational issues on local, national, and international levels. Prepares students who are interested in educational policy, issues of equity and diversity, civic education, feminist and critical education, and the media.

All students completing a clinical field experience in Shelby County schools must be fingerprinted for a criminal background check (CBC) as required by Shelby County Schools (SCS).  Click here for fingerprinting instructions.