Zachary Casey

Zachary Casey

Associate Professor and Chair of Educational Studies

Dr. Zachary A. Casey is Associate Professor and Chair of Educational Studies. His research and teaching focuses on critical whiteness studies, teacher education, anticapitalism, and critical pedagogy. He is particularly interested in the ways racial identity and systemic racism intersect in classrooms, schools, and in the lives of teachers and students. His work focuses on building critical racial literacy and antiracist pedagogies with practicing and future teachers, as well as the social, cultural, and philosophical contexts of education. Dr. Casey has led dozens of professional development sessions and seminars for practicing teachers focused on racial equity and social justice. This work has seen him work with teachers and schools across the country to grow their capacity to combat racism. He co-edited Whiteness at the Table with Dr. Shannon K. McManimon and Dr. Christina Berchini (Lexington Press) in 2018 and edited the Encyclopedia of Critical Whiteness Studies in Education (Brill Publishers), which came out in 2020. He also published Building Pedagogues: White Practicing Teachers and the Struggle for Antiracist Work in Schools, (co-authored with Shannon K. McManimon) on SUNY Press in 2020.  He received the 2019 Rising Alumni Award from the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota and his first book, A Pedagogy of Anticapitalist Antiracism, was awarded the 2018 Outstanding Book Award from the Society of Professors of Education.

Selected Publications


Casey, Z. A. & McManimon, S. K. (2020).  Building pedagogues: White practicing teachers and the struggle for antiracist work in schools. State University of New York Press.

Casey, Z. A. (Ed.) (2020). Encyclopedia of Critical Whiteness Studies in Education. Brill Publishers.

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Casey, Z. A. (2016). A pedagogy of anticapitalist antiracism: Whiteness, neoliberalism, and resistance in education. State University of New York Press.

Journal Articles

Casey, Z. A. & McCanless, M. J.* (2018). Looking backward to go forward: Toward a Kliebardian approach to curriculum theory. Berkeley Review of Education, 8 (1), 23-38.

McManimon, S. K. & Casey, Z. A. (2018). (Re)Beginning and becoming with white practicing teachers: Notes on an educational foundations and curricular approach to antiracism and professional development. Teaching Education, 29 (4), 395-406.

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Lozenski, B. D., Casey, Z. A., & McManimon, S. K., (2013). Contested reality: The role of youth participatory action research in the struggle to produce knowledge. Works & Days, 31(1), 99-117.– also featured in Cultural Logic: Marxist Theory and Practice (2013, pp. 80-95).

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Casey, Z. A. (2010). Remembering to be radical in teacher education: Defanged multicultural education. The Journal of Multiculturalism in Education, 6(1), 1-19.

* Indicates Student Co-Author

Book Chapters

Casey, Z. A. (2019). The materiality of proletarian subjectivity: Anticapitalist antiracist pedagogies for the 21st century. In B.W. Sculos & M. Caputi (Eds.), Teaching Marx and Critical Theory in the 21st Century. (pp. 187-202). Brill Publishers.

Taylor, L. & Casey, Z. A. (2019). White teacher educators, black teacher candidates, and African American Language (AAL): Ideating paradoxical readings of AAL in teacher education. In S.L. Raye, S. Masta, S.T. Cook, & J. Burdick (Eds.), Ideating Pedagogy in Troubled Times: Approaches to Identity, Theory, Teaching, and Research. (pp. 101-117). Information Age Publishing.

Casey, Z. A., McManimon, S.K., & Berchini, C. (2018). Who are we as white people to be?: Thoughts on learning, loss, confusion, and commitment in antiracist work. In S.K. McManimon, Z.A. Casey, & C. Berchini (Eds.), Whiteness at the table: Antiracism, racism, and identity in education. (pp. 93-100).  Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield).

Casey, Z. A. & McManimon, S.K. (2018). Uneasy racial ‘experts’: White teachers and antiracist action. In S.K. McManimon, Z.A. Casey, & C. Berchini (Eds.), Whiteness at the table: Antiracism, racism, and identity in education. (pp. 93-100). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield).

Casey, Z. A. (2015). Whiteness, nationalism, and neoliberalism: What Pat Buchanan and the Right can teach us about resisting neoliberalism in schools. In M. Abendroth & B. J. Porfilio (Eds.), Understanding Neoliberal Rule in K-12 Schools: Educational Fronts for Local and Global Justice. (pp. 301-318). Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.



Ph.D., Culture and Teaching, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota
M.A., Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Arizona State University
B.A.E., Secondary Education Social Studies, Arizona State University (Magna Cum Laude)