Self Guided Virtual Tour

We’d love it if you could come visit our campus, but we understand that’s not always plausible for our prospective students. With our 3-D map, you can take a self-guided virtual tour, learn about our campus traditions, and get a sense of what our beautiful campus looks like. When you’re finished, you can peruse the map to find all sorts of nooks and crannies on campus!

We'd love to show you around our beautiful campus, but if you can't make it, we can offer you the next best thing: a 360-degree self-guided tour of many of a variety of places on campus you will get to know and love as a student.

Experience Rhodes

Piyush Kumar ’17 reflects on his experience and what inspired him to continue at Rhodes as an Admission counselor after graduation.

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"I wanted to go somewhere I felt like I belonged." ~ Piyush Kumar '17

At Rhodes, we are deeply invested in the wellbeing of everyone in our community. We're here to serve others and impact lives wherever and however we can. We seek to transform the world by equipping and graduating exceptional change agents who are fully prepared to reach their intellectual and creative potential.

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The Residential Experience

"My first year I spent a lot of time in my dorm hall. Those guys and girls ended up being my first friends at Rhodes ... We all still are really close." ~ Mason Brown '17

Living on our award-winning campus doesn't just mean you're surrounded by beautiful architecture. It also means you're surrounded by friends, mentors, fellow scholars, and opportunities to serve, learn, play, and grow.

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The Food & Dining Experience

“The Refectory is definitely one of the bigger hubs on campus, I would say between that and the library, that's where you can always find people to sit with and your friends.” ~ Mason Brown '17

Memphis has a rich culinary heritage that goes well beyond barbeque and, central to that, and to the way of life here, is that dining is a thing we do together. Rhodes has three on-campus dining options where students can relax, refuel, and connect with friends new and, after you've been here a while, old.

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The Classroom Experience

“One of my most distinctive memories is that student-professor relationship.” ~ Mason Brown '17

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The Campus Experience

“The library is absolutely beautiful and I could get my work done whenever I needed a nice place to kind of relax and work.” ~ Piyush Kumar '17

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The Memphis Experience

“It was probably one of my favorite parts about Rhodes. I mean, you really can't talk about Rhodes without talking about Memphis.” ~ Piyush Kumar '17