The Department of Psychology provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of behavior and experience from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The psychology faculty specialize in a wide variety of psychological topics including physiological, clinical/community, health, counseling, cognitive, social, and developmental psychology. The department offers several courses of general interest to non-majors and students in related fields. 

The psychology major develops an educational background beneficial to a number of careers in psychology.  The department seeks to help students develop an understanding of the theories and methods that guide the science and practice of psychology by integrating

  1.    Readings from the major theoretical perspectives and discussion of theoretical and applied issues
  2.    Practice in empirical methods and involvement in ongoing research
  3.    Participation in community interventions and psychological services

Students may concentrate on developing research skills that prepare them for post-baccalaureate employment, or research experience and scholarship that prepares them for graduate or professional training in psychology, health related fields, business, law, or education.

Interested in learning more about the psychology major and careers in psychology? See our expanded site here.