The Department of Physics at Rhodes College is one that combines formal class work with hands-on laboratory work and independent research to create not just future scientists, but future leaders in the scientific community.

Many of our physics majors have gone on to receive a Ph.D. degree in physics or astronomy. But we are lucky to count physicians, teachers, engineers, business people, and others among our former students.

Due to the small size of the college and the nature of the physics department, you will have the opportunity to be an integral participant in cutting-edge research. From creating novel materials for potential use in human joint prostheses, simulating the motion of atoms in a magnetic liquid, developing new ways to improve the detection of bone disease, to investigating the energy absorbed in nuclear reactions, you′ll be able to choose from an assortment of research experiences to bring physics even more alive for you.

In Memoriam: Dr. Jack H. Taylor (1922 - 2012)
This interview with Professor Taylor was conducted by student Travis Rasor ′10, the first recipient of the Jack H. Taylor Scholarship in Physics. Professor Taylor passed away on October 26.