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Rhodes College's music degrees include a wide array of course offerings and the flexibility that ensures that you will receive a truly individual, personalized experience. It is possible to combine the music major with other majors and minors.

Music Scholarship Information 
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Education Studies

For those planning to pursue a career in music teaching, there are two unique opportunities for Rhodes students:

1. Combine a music degree with a degree in Educational Studies. This option does not include licensure. 
2. Complete the music major degree and then complete the Masters of Arts in Urban Education. This option includes a pathway to licensure for Instumental General Music K-12 or Vocal General Music K-12. 

Sophomore-Year Review 
Music majors are required to undergo a sophomore-year review. This review includes assessment of all previous juries (at least three semesters of study on their principal instrument), and an interview with full-time music faculty, which will take place in January of the student’s sophomore year. This review helps assess academic and artistic progress, and helps focus direction for the remainder of their undergraduate studies in music.