Mathematics and Computer Science

Both mathematics and computer science are integral parts of the Rhodes College liberal arts curriculum.  Our department's faculty have a wide range of research interests and all share a dedication to undergraduate teaching. We feature a collaborative environment where students work closely with professors in the classroom and on research projects.  In both mathematics and computer science, we seek to provide our students with a strong foundation that blends theory with practice, and our graduates leave equally well-prepared for industry and for graduate school.  Many students at Rhodes who major in other subjects find our classes helpful for the mathematical and computational needs of their own fields of study.

Rhodes students have a wealth of opportunities to be involved with math and computer science through our student-run math and CS clubs; summer research fellowships with department faculty; study abroad opportunities; programming, math, and math modeling competitions; internships with local companies; or volunteering with CodeCrew or Camp Codette.  Our students conduct research not only with professors, but also through Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) around the country and the St. Jude Summer Plus program.

In addition to offering major and minors in Mathematics and Computer Science, the department offers a minor in Statistics and also supports the interdisciplinary majors of Biomathematics and Math-Econ. Students pursuing the applied statistics minor will gain a solid foundation in statistical concepts and programming providing them with marketable statistical skills that they can apply to real world data. Students pursuing interdisciplinary majors in Biomathematics and Math-Econ take several math and computer science courses, and have the opportunity to conduct interdisciplinary research with department faculty.