Current Students

Mentorship for pre-health students begins the first week of classes and continues past graduation. Regular meetings with your HPA advisor will allow you to discuss your progress. Your goal is to be ready to apply as a competitive candidate as early as May of your junior year.

Whether you have questions about health professions, academic support services, paying for professional school, balancing school and life, student organizations, or anything in between, there are numerous resources across campus to help you. If you do not know who to ask or where to go, Ms. Kelso is here to help connect you with the people, offices, or programs that are best set to assist you. We ask that you meet with us at least once per semester, but we hope to see you more often than that.

Dr. Alan Jaslow
Executive Director of Health Professions Advising
Phone: (901) 843-3602
Office: FJ-138

Jessica Kelso
Director of Health Professions Advising
Phone: (901) 843-3081
Office: West Campus Education Building 201A

Dr. Destini Jones
Assistant Director of Health Professions Advising
Phone: 901-843-3891
Office: West Campus Education Building 201B

We have an HPA Moodle page with a large amount of information and details about how to prepare, when and how to apply to professional schools, and what to expect. We hope that this will be a regular resource for you available 24 hours per day. We also have an electronic folder through Box that contains important documents and links that you will need for HPA.

To access the HPA Moodle page, you will need to log into the HPA Box folder and you will find links to "Rhodes-Only" HPA resources, including Moodle at that location. You may also add the HPA folder to your own student Box account by accepting the invitation sent at the beginning of each year by Dr. Snyder. If you did not receive this invitation and want to add the HPA folder to your Box access, contact Dr. Snyder for a new invitation.

You may access the HPA Box folder (requires Rhodes OneLogin credentials)