Prospective Students

Rhodes stands out for the number and quality of pre-health students that it places in the country's most prestigious schools. Any first-year student can set up a meeting with an HPA advisor and get the same top-notch assistance as every other student. Throughout your time at Rhodes, you will be strengthened as a future healthcare professional through your close research training with faculty, your external opportunities, and your rigorous courses.

Admission Agreements

Rhodes has long-standing relationships with some of the nation's top colleges to ensure qualified students acceptance to health profession programs years before graduation.

  • George Washington University
  • Uthsc College Of Nursing
  • Lake Erie College Of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Lecom School Of Dental Medicine
  • Meharry Medical College

Rhodes College is located in Memphis, which is a major healthcare hub. Our college is partnered with major medical providers like Baptist Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The number of opportunities our students have to get hands-on and involved in the healthcare field while they’re undergrads and right out of the gate is second to none.

When you couple that experience with the education students get at Rhodes College-- the close personal contact, the interaction with professors, and the personalized advising, it puts Rhodes in a special position to help students succeed. 

In short: no. 

At a liberal arts college, a student can really gain the skills they need to think critically. At Rhodes, students are expected to think deeply about many different issues and how they interact. At Rhodes, you can prepare yourself for a medical career with a rigorous science background.

You will have close personal attention from faculty, you’re going to have smaller class sizes, and you’re going to be challenged to engage in very complex discussions. You’re going to connect that liberal arts background with rigorous sciences—our lab facilities and our science faculty are second to none. The ability to bring those two things together will really prepare a student to be a health care provider in the future. It helps to bring science and human connection together to help students think critically in the future about what they’re doing as a doctor.

Rhodes students have a reputation for being successful in professional school. Our students are sought after while they’re here, both by healthcare partners, but also by professional schools. 

Schools know when they see a Rhodes student application come across their desk, that student is going to be a standout student in their program, and that student will also represent their school well when they leave the program.

Getting into professional school and building a medical career is competitive, so you need to stand out. The best way to stand out is to build on your strengths, build on who you are and what you’re passionate about. 

By getting to know students and making sure their plan is individual, we are able to integrate their passions, strengths and values into their plan to help them shine that much more when they’re getting ready to apply to medical school. 

Sometimes students don’t fully understand why they’re on a path or what’s drawing them in. They haven’t put their finger on it yet. We help them work through that. We ask, “What was that moment in your life that really made you realize this is what you want to be doing?” Or maybe they still have questions, and they don’t know why. We help them get there. Better understanding their motivations, their values, and their dreams helps us figure how to build on a student’s strengths.

The first thing you should expect is personal attention. There is no cookie-cutter plan. There is never a one-prescriptive approach for one student. You will have an individually tailored plan that will evolve and change throughout your four years at Rhodes.

You’re going to meet our team and we’re really going to get to know you. We’re not just going to focus on your end goal, but more so why you’ve chosen this path. What’s your plan? What are your hopes? Who are you as a person?

We are going to help guide you not just as a professional but as a person.

We view our students as our advisees the minute they decide Rhodes is the school for them. They can utilize all of our services the minute they say, “I’m going to Rhodes.”

We can help high schoolers figure out what to do during their summer up until college. We even assist our alumni with career changes, and whatever they may need in the future to help them find the professional career that is really fulfilling for them.

Living in the city gives our students a lot of additional opportunities that students attending liberal arts colleges outside of major metropolitan areas miss out on. In addition, our students all develop an orientation to health equity. They all develop an orientation to understanding the healthcare landscape and what they can do to make a difference. Our students are not just treating patients. They’re also thinking about how they can create a system that helps to improve their community and the lives of many people just beyond the one patient sitting in front of them. 

Rhodes students develop a holistic view of healthcare, an understanding of public and community health, and the social determinants of health. 

We also have many community partners that our students are involved with through internships. Our students end up deeply invested in the community even beyond direct healthcare delivery. They hone in on issues that influence health in a community like walkable spaces, access to food, and access to clean air. Our students are grappling with those issues here at Rhodes, and it really prepares them to be involved in their community as providers later on.