a student throws a frisbee
a student throws a frisbee

Student Engagement

How to Get Involved?  

Thank you for visiting the homepage for Student Engagement at Rhodes College. We currently have more than 100 recognized student organizations and many opportunities for you to connect with fellow Lynx who share your interests and passions. Studies have shown that students who get involved not only do better in class, but also feel more connected to campus and are more likely to graduate. 

Tips for Getting Involved:  

  • Meet with the Office of Student Engagement staff (link to meet the staff)  to chat about your interests and get 1:1 connection with organizations you find interest in.  
  • Attend the annual Fall and Spring Involvement Fairs, also known as the SACK Fair.  
  • Utilize our online Student Organization portal called Presence to browse and learn more about our Registered Student Organizations and find upcoming events. 
  • Enlist your peers – attending meetings and events is much easier when you are with someone you know! 
  • Broaden your interests – try something that you might not know much about or that you haven’t tried before. Sometimes you will find new passions where you didn’t think to look!  
  • Know that you don’t have to commit – we encourage you to try out a lot of different opportunities when you get to college, but you don’t have to say yes to everything. Find a handful of opportunities that you can truly commit your time too, and dive into your involvement with those organizations.  

Can’t find an organization you are hoping for? The student organization proposal form can also be found on the homepage of Presence.  

Involvement Fair  

This Involvement Fair is a great way to meet organizations and offices on campus. The Fall fair takes place over multiple days and includes a day for Study Abroad opportunities and Campus Offices to share about their resources, a day for Community Engagement and Service, and a day dedicated to Student Organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Chapters. All three days you will find individuals tabling to share about the events, activities, and opportunities that they have to offer.  

The Spring fair is smaller, but helps students to reconnect with organizations in the Spring Semester, and is also a great place for Fall athletes to spend more time getting connected!