Graduates of the Last Decade

Are you one of the many who completed their journey at Rhodes within the past 10 years by crossing over the seal in Palmer Hall, heading to Fisher Garden to receive the Rhodes degree that you worked so hard to obtain? If “Yes,” then you are considered as a Rhodes College Graduate Of the Last Decade, better known as G.O.L.D. Alumni.

As young alumni, you remember…

  • The many hours spent studying your heart out.
  • The many times you tried to not cross the Rhodes seal in Palmer Hall in hopes of not ruining your plans to graduate on time.
  • The many connections that you made while crossing paths with other great Lynx.
  • The great professors that led great thought-provoking discussions. 
  • The variety of events, activities and adventures that Rhodes offered on a weekly—and sometimes daily—basis!

As Rhodes College G.O.L.D. Alumni, you have continuing opportunities to have more great Rhodes experiences! G.O.L.D. Alumni can attend a plethora of community and social gatherings in our alumni chapter citiesprovide career mentoring and networking opportunities to current students and alumni and increase the value of your degree by making a financial contribution to Rhodes! Get connected (or reconnected) to your alma mater, Rhodes College!

For more information about services, programs or how to get involved with our G.O.L.D. Alumni, contact Georgia Harris '17, G.O.L.D. Coordinator.

We are excited to introduce the Rhodes College G.O.L.D. Council! The Rhodes G.O.L.D. Council will serve as an advisory board to Rhodes on how to engage young alumni in the life of Rhodes, from prospective student recruitment to engagement with current students to post-graduation participation. The Council will consist of representatives from classes who have graduated in the past 10 years. With the new Rhodes G.O.L.D. Council, alumni will now have a stronger voice in the Rhodes College community.

Inaugural members of the Rhodes College G.O.L.D. Council:

  • Andrea Bell ’09, President
  • Catherine Boone ’14, Communications Officer
  • Edward Lane, II ’08
  • Katherine Brunin ’08
  • Jenna Smith ’09
  • Andrew Foss-Grant ’10
  • Pamela Palmer ’10
  • Amy Bower ’11
  • Sharwil Bell ’12
  • Kellianne Zomer ’12
  • James Artzer ’13
  • Morgan Hanna ’13
  • Demitri Jerow ’14
  • Jon-Cody Sokoll ’14
  • Katelyn Dagen ’15
  • Andrew Tait ’15
  • Adil Khan ’16