Student Resources

Wiktionary- Wiktionary is a great resource for learning more about Russian words- definitions, pronunciation, their etymology (where they come from), and tables for things like declensions or conjugations. You can type the Russian words themselves into the search bar but read the respective page in English. Not sure how to type in Russian on your computer?↓↓↓↓↓

Miami University Interactive Language Resource Center: How to set up a Russian script keyboard on a MacBook.

Duolingo- Duolingo has been added to and improved upon for years since its initial release, and has a great Russian language track. The biggest pro here is the vocabulary practice- lots of modules on different subjects. This site has many tools and pages for help learning Russian. Russian verb conjugator, verb breakdowns and info. This is an excellent, free resource for beginner to advanced Russian grammatical concepts, conjugation and declension tables, and well-formatted, detailed pages for linguistic information.

Ruslania great for buying Russian-language books, has an English-language website (search titles in Russian). Prices are comparable to American and western European site/stores/companies, and there are many, many titles by Russian authors that are difficult to find on English-language sites.

Мосфильм- An “online movie theater” (Онлайн-кинотеатр “Мосфильма”) for viewing public-domain Russian films.

Russia Beyond The Headlines- Great resource for reading interesting, wholesome articles written in English about Russian pop and contemporary culture&society