women singing
 women singing

Rhodes College Department of Music offers varied vocal and instrumental ensembles, which are open to all students: non-majors, majors, and minors.  Four semesters of ensembles meets the College Foundation requirement [F5].

Audition Information
Auditions occur early each semester. Fall semester auditions are held the Monday and Tuesday before classes begin. Come to Hassell Hall to sign up for an audition time. Contact the coordinators for more information.

Vocal Ensembles - Dr. William Skoog, coordinator
Rhodes Singers, Dr. William Skoog, conductor
Rhodes MasterSingers Chorale, Dr. William Skoog, conductor
Rhodes Camerata, Dr. Ellen Koziel, conductor

Instrumental Ensembles
Rhodes College Orchestra, Dr. Jonathan Shallert, conductor
Rhodes Jazz Ensemble, Dr. David Shotsberger, conductor