German Studies

Are you interested in philosophy, music, art history, theater, architecture, history, the natural sciences or international studies? Come enhance those interests by learning German. The cultures of the German-speaking countries are deeply invested in all of these fields and have contributed vastly to western culture in each area.

A quick glance through the list of Nobel Prize winners or through an encyclopedia of art history will reveal the rich contributions German culture has yielded. Furthermore, Germany today is at the cross-roads of Europe, central to a broad transformation of European identity, economy, and political integration. What a great gateway to globalization!

In Rhodes’ interdisciplinary German program, students can work closely with faculty to combine their work in German with other fields of study, be those business, fine arts, English, or political science/international studies.

Study Abroad

Semester or year in Landau or Tübingen through the Rhodes exchange (earn not only German credit, but also credit for other programs at Rhodes).
Semester or a year at several other German-speaking universities through ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)
Summer Programs are available through a variety of external programs. Please talk to your German professor to get an up-to-date list and indiviualized information and study abroad recommendations.

For additional information, visit the Buckman Center for International Education.