The Fellowships program allows students to take their learning beyond the classroom and into the world around them. Rhodes Fellows engage in a rigorous, academically-oriented program that takes theory and puts it into practice. There are many established Fellowships in all types of fields, including research at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, studying animal behavior at the Memphis Zoo, or interning at FedEx. Students, with the help of a faculty or staff advisor, can also create a new Fellowship based on their personal passions. Read on for an extensive list:

Many established Fellowships programs have deadlines throughout the year, so follow the links below. All other fellowships have a deadline of November 15. Please send questions to Dr. Katherine White, Director of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research.

Creative Activity
Fellowships in this area include Theatre  (contact Prof. David Mason), Art  (contact Prof. Erin Harmon) and Art History (contact Prof. Victor Coonin). Deadline to apply is February 15Examples: The McCoy Theatre History Project; From Script to Screen Screenwriting Project

Summer Science Fellowship
Fellowships in this area include Neuroscience (contact Prof. David Kabelik), Biology (contact Prof. Carolyn Jaslow) and Chemistry (contact Prof. Mauricio Cafiero). The deadline to apply is February 15.

Student Research Assistants
Get paid to help faculty members with research projects during the academic year. Contact 
Dr. Katherine White; The deadline to apply is February 15.

Rhodes Student Associate Program (RSAP)
Stimulating and important campus employment through which students can take on challenging projects and start exploring career interests. Contact Karyn Allen, the deadline to apply is in mid-February.

Deaf Literacy
This fellowship provides the opportunity to learn American Sign Language, learn more about Deaf Studies, and participate with organizations devoted to the deaf and hard of hearing. Contact Prof. Lori Garner; The deadline to apply is Febriary 15.

Memphis Center Fellowship in the Arts
These fellowships - which will begin in Spring 2017 - will allow students to launch and sustain arts-related projects in partnership with a faculty mentor. These projects will be wide-ranging and are designed to bring a student's classroom interests into contact with the unique opportunities of the Memphis area. Please contact Dr. Charles Hughes, Director of the Memphis Center, for more information.

Mayor's Urban Fellows program
Contact Sandi George Tracy; The deadlines to apply are around October 1 and around March 1.

Study Abroad
Email internationalprograms@rhodes.edu.

Writing Fellow
Writing Fellows serve as tutors in the college’s Writing Center and may be assigned as a mentor and tutor to a First Year Writing Seminar. Fellows must be nominated by a member of the faculty for their writing ability no later than March 1 for the following academic year. Contact Prof. Rebecca Finlayson.

Intentional Communities
The Ruka Civic Engagement fellowship provides an opportunity for students to come together with the goals of forming an intentional community off campus that is committed to practicing community together, practicing and promoting environmental sustainability, and partaking in community involvement, engaging both the Rhodes and greater Memphis communities. Contact Prof. Bernadette McNary-Zak; the deadlines to apply is February 15.

Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies
The Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies is an 8-week summer program that lets students of any major study a research topic or creative activity of any discipline through the regional lens of Memphis and the greater Mid-South area. Contact Prof. Charles McKinney; the deadline to apply is in mid-February.

St. Jude Summer Plus
The St. Jude Summer Plus fellowship is an intensive fifteen month mentored research experience in world-class laboratories at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  The program includes laboratory investigation full time for two summers and 10 hours per week during the academic year.  International options are available through St. Jude Global.  More information.

Shelby Foote Collection
The Shelby Foote Fellowship provides ongoing support for the Shelby Foote Collection, which is housed in the Rhodes College Archives.  Through transcribing and annotating the Foote Diaries, Foote Fellows are contributing to the development of Digital Shelby Foote, a digital history project.  Designed for students with an interest in the history and literature of the American South, this fellowship is available during the academic year through a competitive selection process.   The deadline for applications is mid-March.  Contact Prof. Huebner for more information.

Rhodes/UT Neuroscience Fellowship
Work in a neuroscience lab at the University of Tennessee Medical School. Contact Prof. David Kabelik; The deadline to apply is in mid-March.

Summer Service Fellowship
Get paid to engage in intensive community projects over the summer. Contact Sandi George Tracy; The deadline to apply is February 15.

The Mike Curb Institute
The Mike Curb Institute provides real world musical experiences in Memphis  that link to their studies on campus. Work in a variety of areas, including audio/video production, PR/Marketing, Research and Preservation, and Community Engagement. Students interested in pursuing a Curb Fellowship should contact Prof. John Bass, and are highly encouraged to take the Music and Community in Memphis course (URBN 262).