Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law in the Liberal Arts

A liberal arts education provides students with an educational experience rooted in critical thinking, writing, and analytical reasoning. 

Selecting a Major for Law School

Rhodes College does not have a formal major in law or legal studies. Students interested in pursuing a post-graduate legal education are encouraged to select a major that is both intellectually challenging and an area of genuine interest for the student.  Recent Rhodes graduates who are attending law school represent majors in English, Philosophy, Political Science, International Studies, History, Religious Studies, Spanish, and Mathematics. 

Pre-Law Advising

Pre-Law Advising Services at Rhodes College are designed to provide the following:

  • Assistance with course selection
  • Guidance on law school admissions test preparation
  • Assisting with application materials such as the personal statement, resume, and any necessary support essays
  • Advice on selecting a law school that is right for the student’s goals and needs
  • Planning for panels and lectures from admissions counselors and lawyers

First- and second-year students should contact the college’s pre-law advisor, Anna Eldridge, to be added to the list serve and to seek out general advice for recommended courses.

Third-year students (or students who are 1-2 years away from applying to law school) should set up a pre-law advising appointment. 

Senior or post-graduate students who are entering the law school application cycle in the next 6-12 months should register for an LSAC profile, register for the law school admissions test, and set a pre-law advising appointment at the earliest opportunity.