Michelle Matson

Academic and Pre-Professional Advising

Set your sights high, and we’ll help you get there.

As academic advisers, Rhodes faculty are not only great teachers but mentors who guide students to achieve individual academic and professional goals. Students become independent, self-motivated learners who take responsibility for fulfilling degree requirements. The Rhodes curriculum places students in an active role by encouraging interdisciplinary study and a wide variety of choices for satisfying requirements.

Advising Students at Rhodes

Rhodes and considers an extension of the teaching and learning process. Faculty advisers provide guidance on academic policies and regulations to help students plan through graduation and for post-graduate opportunities. All new students will receive an academic adviser in the fall of their first semester. An adviser will help a student:

  • understand requirements and college policies,
  • choose suitable courses each semester, and
  • refer students to appropriate campus resources for academic, career, or personal concerns.

It is recommended that a student schedule regular appointments or make regular contact with their adviser during each semester. Adviser pairing is based on students’ academic experiences and interests. Students supply information on the advising and planning survey, which is submitted in the summer prior to entering the college. Students will choose a faculty member to be their major advisor when declaring a major in the spring semester of their sophomore year.

Many students have an interest in professional studies in the law, accounting, medicine, dentistry, and many other areas.  In addition to their academic adviser, all students have access to pre-professional advisers that specialize in these and other professions.