Faculty by Department

**part-time, Member of the Faculty
* part-time

Professor Susan M. Kus, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Thomas G. McGowan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Julia Hanebrink, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Kimberly Kasper, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Jeanne Lopiparo, Ph.D., Chair
Assistant Professor Evelyn Perry, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor Elizabeth Mount 
Staff: Sean Hardwick, Dept. Assistant

Art and Art History
Professor David P. McCarthy, Ph.D., Chair 
Associate Professor Victor Coonin, Ph.D., James F. Ruffin Chair of Art History 

Associate Professor Erin Harmon, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor Miriam Clinton, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Ryan Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Staff: Stephanie Cage, Dept. Assistant

Professor Terry W. Hill, Ph.D. 
Professor Gary J. Lindquester, Ph.D., Chair 
Associate Professor Alan P. Jaslow, Ph.D.** 
Associate Professor Mary Miller, Ph.D., Robertson Chair of Biological Sciences, Program Director, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program

Assistant Professor Sarah Boyle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Michael Collins, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Kelly Dougherty, Ph.D
Assistant Professor Mel Durrett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Johathan Fitz Gerald, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Rachel Jabaily, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Carolyn R. Jaslow, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor David Kabelik, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Tara Massad, Ph.D.
Assistant Oliver Sturm, Ph.D 
Assistant Professor Bayly Wheeler, Ph.D
Andrew Gardner, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jackie Denson, Instructor
Staff: Dianne Russell-Cox, Sarah Hasty

Associate Professor Dee Birnbaum, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Pamela H. Church, Ph.D., Chair
Assistant Professor Kayla Booker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Sujan Dan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Denis Khantimirov, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Milton Lovell, J.D.*, Master of ACC (2-2) 
Assistant Professor Kelly Weeks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Andrey Zagorchev, Ph.D.
Part-time Assistant Professor Jill Giles
Instructor Chris Nunn, M.S., C.P.A.* 

Instructor Jade Planchon, M.B.A. 
Staff: Linda Gibson

Professor Darlene Loprete, Ph.D., Chair, Special Assistant to the Dean for Faculty Diversity
Associate Professor Maricio Cafiero, Ph.D, J.H. Daughdrill Professor of Natural Science, Chair
Associate Professor Loretta Jackson-Hayes, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Jon Russ, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor Kimberly Brien, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor William Eckenhoff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Dana Horgen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Dhammie Muesse, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Larryn Peterson, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Roberto de la Salud Bea, Ph.D. 
Staff: Jeff Goode, Karen Mosley 

Professor Steven Caudill, Ph.D., McCallum Distinguished Professorship of Economics 
Professor John Murray, Ph.D., Joseph R. Hyde Professor of Political Economy

Associate Professor Marshall Gramm, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Teresa Beckham-Gramm, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Nick McKinney, Ph.D., Chair

Assistant Professor Courtney Collins, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Erin Kaplan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Ryan Mattson, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor, Bruno Badia, Ph.D. 
Visiting Assistant Professor Eric Hoffmann
Staff: Linda Gibson

Assistant Professor Zachary Casey, Ph.D. 
Adjunct Assistant Professor Jeanne Wilson, Ph.D.* 
Staff: Judy Pierce, Administrative Assistant

Professor Gordon Bigelow, Ph.D.
Professor Marshall Boswell, Ph.D.
Professor Scott Newstok, Ph.D. 
Professor Brian W. Shaffer, Ph.D., Associate Provost
Associate Professor Rebecca Finlayson, Ph.D., Director of College Writing & Summer Writing Institute
Associate Professor Lori Garner, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Judith Haas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Leslie Petty, Ph.D., Chair – Department of English
Associate Professor Jason Richards, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Rashna Richards, Ph.D., Chair of Film and Media Studies
Associate Professor Seth Rudy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Caki Wilkinson, M.F.A, Ph.D., Director of Creative Writing Program
Assistant Professor Amy Benson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Chanelle Benz, M.F.A.
Assistant Professor Christopher Brunt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Stephanie Elsky, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor Lynn Washington, Ph.D.
Staff: Lorie Yearwood

Environmental Studies and Sciences
Associate Professor Eric Gottlieb, Ph.D. (Department of Mathematics)
Associate Professor Jeffrey Jackson, Ph.D. (Department of History)
Associate Professor Jon Russ, Ph.D. (Department of Chemistry)
Assistant Professor Erin Bodine, Ph.D. (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science)
Assistant Professor Sarah Boyle, Ph.D., Associate Director (Department of Biology) 
Assistant Professor Michael Collins, Ph.D. (Department of Biology)
Assistant Professor Li Han, Ph.D. (Department of Modern Language and Literature)
Assistant Professor Kimberly Kasper, Ph.D. (Department of Anthropology/Sociology)
Assistant Professor Tait Keller, Director (Department of History)
Associate Professor Scott Newstok, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Leigh Pittenger (Department of Religious Studies)
Assistant Professor Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba (Department of International Studies)
Assistant Professor Rebecca Tuvel, Ph.D. (Department of Philosophy)
Visiting Professor David Shankman *

Greek and Roman Studies
Professor Geoff Bakewell, Ph.D., Director, Search Program 
Associate Professor Kenneth Morrell, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor David H. Sick, Ph.D., Chair 
Assistant Professor Susan Satterfield, Ph.D., Irene B. and J. Walter McDonnell Chair in GRS 
Assistant Professor Joe Jansen, Ph.D.

Professor Michael Drompp, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty and VP of Academic Affairs 
Professor Timothy Huebner, Ph.D., L. Palmer Brown Chair of Humanities 
Professor Jonathan Judaken, Ph.D., Spence L. Wilson Chair in the Humanities
Professor Lynn Zastoupil, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Dee Garceau, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Jeffrey Jackson, Ph.D., J.J. McComb Chair of History
Associate Professor Michael J. LaRosa, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Charles McKinney, Ph.D., Director, African American Studies Program
Associate Professor Robert Saxe, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Hannah Barker, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Ryan Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Tait Keller, Ph.D., Director, Environmental Science/Studies Program
Assistant Professor Seok-Won Lee, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Etty Terem, Ph.D., Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow 
Assistant Professor Ariel Lopez, Ph.D.*
Staff: Carol Kelley, Dept. Assistant

Interdisciplinary Humanities (Search) 
Professor Jim Vest, Ph.D.

International Studies
Professor Stephen Ceccoli, Ph.D. (Sabbatical 2012-13), P.K. Seidman Distinguished Professorship of Political Economy, Faculty Fellow for International Programs 
Associate Professor Shadrack Nasong′o, Ph.D., Chair, Stanley Buckman Professor of International Studies
Associate Professor Amy Risley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Chien-Kai Chen
Assistant Professor Jennifer Sciubba, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Esen Kirdis, Ph.D., J.S. Seidman Junior Faculty Research Fellow 
Barron Boyd, Ph.D., Director, Buckman Center for International Education
Distinguished Professor Emeritus John Copper 
Staff: Kimberly Stevenson

Mathematics and Computer Science
Professor Michael Sheard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Eric Gottlieb, Ph.D., Chair 2014-2015
Associate Professor Chris Mouron, Ph.D., E.C. Ellett Chair of Mathematics 
Associate Professor Chris Seaton, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Ibrahim Abdelrazeq, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Erin Bodine, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Rachel Dunwell Ph. D.
Assistant Professor Phillip Kirlin, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor D. Brian Larkins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Yuanting Lu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Benjamin Purkis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Betsy Sanders, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Catie Welsh, Ph.D.

Staff: Michelle Hammontree

Modern Languages and Literatures

Departmental Assistant: Christy Waldkirch

Assistant Professor Li Han, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Chia-rong Wu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Shira Malkin, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Katheryn Wright, Ph.D., Chair
Assistant Professor Laura Loth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Margaret McColley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Michelle Mattson, Ph.D., Special Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty
Assistant Professor Elizabeth Bridges, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Felix Kronenberg, Ph.D., Director of the Language Lab

Assistant Professor Alexandra G. Kostina, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Kathleen Doyle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Eric Henager, Ph.D., Program Director, Latin American Studies 
Assistnat Professor Rachel Bauer, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Elizabeth Pettinaroli, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Alberto del Pozo Martinez, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Clara Pascual-Argente, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Rachel Bauer, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Catherine Sundt 
Instructor Nora Jabbour, M.A. 
Instructor Valeria Roy, M.A. *

Professor William Skoog, Ph.D. , Chair, Elizabeth Daughdrill Chair in Fine Arts 
Associate Professor Thomas E. Bryant, D.M.
Associate Professor Courtenay Harter, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Carole Blankenship, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Leah McGray, M.M. 
Assistant Professor Vanessa Rogers, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor John Bass, Ph.D.*, Curb Director 
Assistant Professor Mona Kreitner, Ph.D.* 
Instructor Debbie Smith, M.A* 
Instructor James Cornfoot, M.M.* 
Instructor Bryan Ray, M.M.*
Staff: Erika Pope, Musical Arts Coordinator

Associate Professor Mark Newman, Ph.D., Chair
Associate Professor Patrick Shade, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Rebecca Tuvel, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor Norman Whitman, Ph.D. 
Staff: Stephanie Cage, Dept. Assistant

Associate Professor Shubho Banerjee, Ph.D., Van Vleet Faculty Fellow in Physics 
Associate Professor Brent Hoffmeister, Ph.D. , Chair 
Associate Professor Ann Viano, Ph.D., J. Lester Crain Professorship in Physics, Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research 
Assistant Professor David Rupke, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Elizabeth Young, Ph.D.
Instructional Support Technician Lanre Obadina, M.S.
Part Time Assistant Professor Karyn Bondi, Ph.D.
Part Time Assistant Professor Bentley Burnham, Ph.D.*
Staff: Glen Davis

Political Science
Professor Michael C. Nelson, Ph.D., Fulmer Chair for US Presidential Studies 
Professor Marcus D. Pohlmann, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Daniel Cullen, Ph.D., Director, Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar Program 
Associate Professor Amy Jasperson, Chair 
Associate Professor Stephen Wirls, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Keith Gibson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Political Economy Renee Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Anna Smith, J.D.*
Postdoctoral Fellow Erin Dolgoy, Ph.D. cand. 
Visiting Assistant Professor Dave Wendell, Ph.D.
Staff: Jackie Baker

Professor Marsha D. Walton, Ph.D 
Associate Professor Anita Davis, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 
Associate Professor Natalie Person, Ph.D., Chair 
Associate Professor Elizabeth Thomas, Ph.D., Plough Professor of Urban Field Studies 
Associate Professor Christopher G. Wetzel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Katherine White, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Zachary Casey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Jonathan Cook, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Kim Gerecke, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Jason Haberman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Jamie Jirout, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Rebecca Klatzkin, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Geoffrey Maddox, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Rylan Testa, Ph.D. 
Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow Erin Cue
Visiting Assistant Professor Matthew Weeks, Ph.D.

Religious Studies
Professor Steve Haynes, Ph.D., Faculty Fellow for Learning Communities 
Professor Steven L. McKenzie, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor Thomas Bremer, Ph.D., Faculty Fellow for Teaching Mentorship 
Associate Professor Patrick Gray, Ph.D., Albert B. Curry Chair of Religious Studies 
Associate Professor Luther Ivory, Ph.D., Director, African American Studies Program 
Associate Professor John Kaltner, Ph.D., Chair, Virginia Ballou McGehee Professor of Muslim-Christian Relations 
Associate Professor Bernadette McNary-Zak, Ph.D., R.A. Webb Professor of Religious Studies 
Associate Professor Milton Moreland, Ph.D., Director, Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies, Director, Archaeology Program 
Associate Professor Mark Muesse, Ph.D., Program Director, Asian Studies, Program Director, Life 
Assistant Professor Rhiannon Graybill, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Kendra Hotz, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Leigh Pittenger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Daniel Ullucci, Ph.D. 
Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Rollens, Ph.D. 
Instructor Craig Jordan, M.S., D.M. * 
Instructor Yasi Kazi, M.A., Ph.D. * 
Instructor Dennis McDuffie* 
Staff: Stephanie Cage, Dept. Assistant

Professor Julia Ewing, M.A., Artistic Director, McCoy Theatre 
Associate Professor David Jilg, M.F.A, Chair 
Associate Professor David Mason, Ph.D. 
Dist. Service Associate Professor Laura Canon, M.F.A 
Staff: Kevin Collier

Urban Studies
Associate Professor Anita Davis, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Associate Professor Elizabeth Thomas, Ph.D., Plough Professor of Urban Field Studies  
Assistant Professor John Bass, Ph.D.*, Curb Director 
Assistant Professor Sarah Boyle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Zachary Casey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Keith Gibson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Peter Hossler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Kendra Hotz, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Evelyn Perry, Ph.D.
Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow Shaolu Yu

Staff: Anna Snickenberger, Administrative Assistant !