Clery Act Timely Warning & Emergency Notification Requirements

Understanding Clery Act Timely Warning & Emergency Notification Requirements

Passed in 1990 and named for Jeanne Clery, a Lehigh University student who was sexually assaulted and murdered on campus in 1986, the Clery Act is a consumer information law that requires Rhodes College to communicate with prospective and current students and employees about several campus safety and security policies and practices. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report includes current information on a variety of campus safety, crime prevention, sexual and interpersonal violence, and fire related topics.

The Report also contains reported campus crime and fire data for 3 years at certain defined campus locations. The Clery Act also requires Rhodes to disclose crimes and fires reported to the Campus Safety Department in a publicly accessible daily log.

Finally, while the Clery Act requires Rhodes to make several real-time disclosures to the campus community, the College must also inform the campus community about crimes, hazards, and other critical incidents to the campus community through either a “timely warning” or an “emergency notification.”

The table below summarizes the differences between these two requirements.


Emergency Notification

Timely Warning Report
Scope of Incident Any serious event affecting the health or safety of the campus community A Clery Act-defined crime
Reason to Send Event is actively occurring or threat of event is imminent Crime has already occurred and may represent a serious or continuing threat to campus community
Location of Incident Anywhere on campus Anywhere within Clery Act geography (On-Campus, On-Campus Student Housing, Non-campus, or Public Property)[1]
Timing Notification Must be sent once the College confirms the serious situation, threat, or emergency Must be sent as soon as pertinent information becomes available

[1] The Clery Act includes precise definitions for each of these geographical areas.

Campus Safety Notice

Rhodes College publishes campus safety notices when certain crimes or incidents are reported on or near campus property, as supplemental information to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure (the Clery Act) requirements of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. 

These incidents do not meet the requirements for Emergency Notification or Timely Warning, but will be placed on the Crime Log if they occur in our Clery geography. A campus safety notice provides information about incidents and are intended to keep our campus community members informed and to provide prevention information and resources.

Clery Geography Map (Downloadable PDF)