Good Neighbor Tips for Residents

Get to know one another.
If you know your neighbors, you’ll recognize out of place people and vehicles. 

Share your expectation and experiences.
When connecting with your student-neighbors, share with them your experience of living in the neighborhood. Let them know the impact on your family and quality of life when students are talking loudly as they walk through the neighborhood or throw parties. Be upfront and honest about what is concerning and what issues or types of activities in violation of ordinances will impel you to call the police. 

Be a role model.
Regardless of if you rent or own, your student-neighbors see you as role models. This may be the first time they are living on their own and away from home. 

Invite students-neighbors to be involved with the neighborhood association.
Student-neighbors may not know that there is an association or how to get involved. Connect with them to share information about the association and how they can get involved.  

If your student-neighbor is traveling and not at home for a period of time, offer to keep an eye on the property.
To ward off burglars, maybe park your car in their driveway if they are out of town, gather their mail, newspapers, and any other correspondence left in plain view to avoid accumulation and help make the house seem lived in. It’s a great idea to have a conversation before college breaks so that you know when or if your student-neighbors will be out of town. 

Notify the police about any suspicious people, incidents, vehicles, sounds, alarms, or anything else that seems unusual.

Follow up if incidents occur.
Discuss your concerns and expectations with your student-neighbors. If you witness or suspect any illegal activity occurring, report it to the Memphis Police Department immediately. If you have an unresolvable issue file a police report first. For your safety, do not follow any suspicious people. Get as much information (person, clothing, vehicle description, and license tag number) as possible and call 911.