Off-Campus Safety & Support Resources

There is nothing more important than supporting and ensuring the safety of our community. Rhodes continually works to bolster our safety infrastructure both on and off campus to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. 

Below is an overview of our work to date and actions being implemented moving forward.

  • Increased MPD Patrols: The Memphis Police Department (MPD) has increased patrols in the area adjacent to campus where our students, faculty, and staff reside.
  • Added Off-Campus Patrols: Rhodes has contracted with Imperial Security to patrol neighborhoods around the Rhodes campus daily from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. until the end of the Spring semester. 
  • Installing Neighborhood SkyCops: We are working with MPD and the Memphis Mayor’s office to install blue light cameras around the immediate campus and community perimeter.
  • Improved Lighting and Cleaned Up Alleys: We have worked and will continue to work with the city to clean up alley ways and improve lighting in and around the neighborhoods surrounding campus. We look forward to working with our neighbors and VECA (Vollintine Evergreen Community Association) as partners in ensuring that needs are immediately reported and action is taken to rectify them.
  • Expanded Safety Audit and Assessment: We have extended our partnership with Margolis Healy, a national consulting firm and thought leader specializing in safety, security, emergency preparedness, and compliance for education institutions, to conduct a comprehensive review of campus safety at Rhodes. That work is  underway, and any recommendations arising from the review will be a top priority.
  • Open Housing on Campus: Students who would like to move on campus this semester can email

Downloadable PDF of Security Patrol Map

a map of the neighborhoods close to Rhodes