Rhodes Student Government

RSG represents the interests of the students to the others in the Rhodes community—the faculty, staff, administration, and trustees. The structure of the RSG Constitution allows for a deliberative government best equipped to meet student needs.

RSG consists of several governing bodies. The Student Body President runs the Executive Council and has all executive authority of the student body. The Rhodes Student Senate, composed of five members of each class, is the primary voice of the student body. The Allocations Commission approves new student organizations and such organization’s budgets. Rhodes Activity Board plans events for all of campus, and Class Council plans events for each graduating class. Honor Council and Community Standards Council hears cases concerning violations of the Rhodes’s academic and social standards.

The Student Senate meets weekly at 7 p.m. in Robertson 110. Meetings are open to all.

Executive Cabinet

Student Body President: John Howell
Student Body Vice President: Cameron Abrams
Student Trustee: Lauren Moore
Student Trustee: Chris Prigg
Honor Council President: Meg Corley
Community Standards Council President: David Caddle
Allocations Commissioner: Zack Roder
RAB President: Rebecca Winchester
Class Council President: Adrian Pascatto
RSG Chief of Staff: Emily Haas
Parliamentarian: Maggie Clark
Secretary: London Pirtle

Class of 2022 Senators
Emaan Khawaja
Mariam Khayata
Lauren Moore
Chris Prigg
Dulce Maria Salcedo, Chair of Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Class of 2023 Senators
Jakob Greer
Isabel López
Merrick Moore
Ethan Moore, Chair of Student Services Committee
Roma Pirnie

Class of 2024 Senators
Riley Damiano
Cameron George, Chair of Academics Committee
Arness Georgetown
Hannah Goto
Claire Kiernan, Chair of Communications Committee