Honor Council

"As a member of the Rhodes community, I pledge I will not lie, cheat, or steal, and that I will report any such violation that I may witness."

Every entering student at Rhodes College is expected at the time of matriculation to sign a pledge promising to uphold the Rhodes Honor System and accepting the jurisdiction of the Honor Council.

The Honor Council implements and interprets the Honor System, investigating any violations of lying, cheating, or stealing, and enforces penalties accordingly. A student found in violation of the Honor System will be disciplined by the Council, which can issue sanctions extending to expulsion from the College. The Council fosters honorable conduct in all areas of academia and campus life and is committed to the values of truth and honesty. It is governed by the Honor Council Constitution.

The Honor Council is composed of seventeen elected representatives: a president, two secretaries, two males and two females each from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes, and one male and one female from the First-year class.

Policies and procedures are detailed in the Honor Council Constitution.

If you have a suspected violation to report, please contact Richard Adams, Director of Community Standards, at 901-843-3899, or report your concern.

Honor Council Representatives
President: Jimmy Mullen

Judicial Officer of the Honor Council: Richard Adams, Director of Community Standards

Honor Council 2021-2022 Cases (PDF)