Shaolu Yu

Assistant Professor of Urban Studies
(901) 843-3340

Dr. Shaolu Yu is an urban geographer. She holds B.S. in Resources, Environment, Urban Planning and Management (Qufu, China), M.S. in Urban Geography (Beijing, China), and Ph.D. in Human Geography (University of Connecticut, U.S.A). Trained as an urban geographer in an interdisciplinary background and participating in projects in urban studies in China, U.S., and Canada, she has developed a comparative and global perspective and a mixed method approach in her research on cities. Her doctoral dissertation titled “Transnationalism, Mobility and Identity: the Making of Place in Flushing, Queens, New York City" examines the paradox of transnational mobilities at the cross-national scale and immobilities at the local scale of the Chinese immigrants in urban environment. Her papers have been published in the journals Urban Geography, Geographical Review, and the Journal of Transport Geography.

Her current research interests include:  Space and Place, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Segregation, Transportation Geography and Mobility, and Asian Urbanism. She is also interested in applying cartography and GIS in visualizing and analyzing spatial data. Her teaching interests include Globalization and Cities, GIS applications in Urban and Community studies, Transportation Geography, Asian Geography, and Geographies of Race and Ethnicity.

Her ongoing research projects include "Triangulated Between White and Black: Chinese in the South" and "Chinese Female Faculties in STEM in the U.S.". She also continues her research interest in Asian Urbanization, particularly the social, cultural, and spatial changes in Asian cities under the impacts of globalization and neoliberalism.

Selected Publications

2017: Shaolu Yu. “Mobilocality”, Urban Geography, Springer. Published: Sep 13, 2017.

2017: Shaolu Yu. “That is real America!” Imaginative Geography among the Chinese Immigrants in Flushing, New York City, Geographical Review, Wiley. Published: Mar 20, 2017.

2017: Lucia Lo, Shaolu Yu, and Wei Li, “Between China and North America: Highly Skilled Chinese Migration” in Lloyd Wong ed. Chinese Mobilities and Canada, University of British Columbia Press, 2017. 138-166.

2016: Shaolu Yu. “'I am like a deaf, a dumb and a crippled': the (Im)mobilities of Recent Chinese Immigrants in Flushing, Queens, New York City." Journal of Transport Geography, 54 (2016): 10-21

2016: Shaolu Yu, and Wei Li, “Mobility, Time and Home: The Experience of Two Generations of Transnational Chinese Geographers” in Navigating Geography and Self: Transnational Geographers Disrupting Boundaries in a Global Age, Marcus.P. Alan ed. Lexington. 51-68.