Stephen Ceccoli

Stephen Ceccoli

Professor of International Studies, Chair of Political Economy

Professor Ceccoli′s CV

Professor Stephen Ceccoli is the P.K. Seidman Professor of Political Economy.  He has been teaching at Rhodes since 1998, where he teaches courses mainly on international relations and comparative politics.  His regular course offerings also include international relations theory, international political economy, and senior seminar.  Professor Ceccoli also regularly leads a summer group study program in Tianjin and Nanjing, China.  He has also taught English for a number of years during the summer at Tianjin, Normal University.  He received the Clarence Day Award for Outstanding Teaching at Rhodes College in 2005.

Professor Ceccoli is primarily interested in conducting academic research on comparative public opinion, health policy, public attitudes toward health policy questions, regulatory politics, and public attitudes toward regulatory issues.  He is the author of the book, Pill Politics, which examines regulatory drug approval in the United States.  Professor Ceccoli has recently authored a number of articles on public attitudes toward issues such the use of genetically modified foods, the direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicines, and federal organ procurement policy.  He has also published worked explaining attitudes toward welfare policy, economic inequality, economic privatization, and trade liberalization. 

Professor Ceccoli is involved in a variety of work on and off the Rhodes campus.  He is a former participant in the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellowship Program, where he served for a year working in Washington, DC on the staff of Sen. Blanche L. Lincoln (D-AR).  He is also a regular reviewer for a number of academic journals and academic book publishers.  On the Rhodes campus, he has worked closely with students preparing for and returning from study abroad as well as students participating in local and international internships.  He has also served on a variety of faculty committees, including the Faculty Governance Committee, the Faculty Professional Interest Committee, the Faculty Committee on Information and Technology, as well as serving as a faculty representative on the Board of Trustees.  Professor Ceccoli also spent a few years serving as the Faculty Fellow for International Programs as appointed by the Dean of the College where he promoted the internationalization of the Rhodes campus.  In 2010, he received the Jameson Jones Award for Outstanding Faculty Service. 


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1998, Ph.D., Washington University
1994, M.A., Washington University
1990, B.A., Heidelberg College