Nick McKinney

Nick McKinney

Professor of Economics

I joined the Rhodes Department of Economics and Business in 2003 after a two-year-post-doctoral appointment at the Harvard Business School. I enjoy teaching Econometrics, Game Theory and Applied Micro Economics. My main research areas are Experimental Economics and Applied Micro Economics. I grew up in Little Rock and I did my undergraduate studies at Centenary College of Louisiana. I received my Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.


"Eureka Learning: Heuristics and Deliberation Time in Complex Games of Perfect Information," with John B. Van Huyck.  Forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior.

“Information Effects and National Hockey League Betting Market Efficiency” with Matt E. Ryan and Marshall K. Gramm.  Forthcoming in The Journal of Gambling Business and Economics.

“Efficiency and Arbitrage Across Parimutuel Wagering Pools," with Marshall K. Gramm and Douglas H. Owens.   Applied Economics, vol. 44, no. 14, May 2012, pp. 1813-1822.

“Information Effects in Major League Baseball Betting Markets,”  with Marshall K. Gramm and Matt E. Ryan. Applied Economics, vol. 44, no. 6, February 2012, pp. 707-716.

“A Successful Competency-based Writing Skills Development Program: Results of an Experiment,” with Russell Craig.  Accounting Education: An International Journal, June 2010.

“The Effect of Late Money on Betting Market Efficiency” with Marshall K. Gramm. Applied Economic Letters, Feburary 2009.

“Efficiency of Exotic Wagers” with Marshall K. Gramm and Douglas H. Owens. Applied Economics,  Janurary 2008.

“What Do Bettors Want? Determinants of Parimutuel Betting Preference” with Marshall K. Gramm, Douglas H. Owens, and Matt E. Ryan. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 2007.


B.A. and B.S., Centenary College of Louisiana
Ph.D., Texas A & M University