Karl Erickson

Karl Erickson

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

Teaching Experience 

Ball State University, LaGuardia Community College, The New School, and Rutgers University. Education and public programs developed at Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, Dumbo Arts Center, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions.

I am interested in how belief systems are built, and how those systems lead people to take certain approaches to the world. A current series of videos I am making is about aliens and UFO cults. I am building narratives based on the idea that if one believes in extraterrestrial existence how that could lead one to a worldview that is not human-centric and produces a greater sense empathy, environmental awareness and action. 
In 2013, I traveled to the Arctic as part of an artist residency. The Arctic environment is at once inhuman and pure, yet fragile and under constant flux. Through this experience I realized that each of our moments involves innumerable decisions that have far reaching and unknowable effects. It is this sense of immeasurable affinity that drives my work. 
Ongoing Projects

I am currently developing a series of live video and sound performances about the interrelatedness of the environment, kinship with non-human entities, and spectatorship.


MFA in Studio Art, California Institute of the Arts
BFA in Sculpture, Wayne State University