Joy Brooke Fairfield

Dr. Joy Brooke Fairfield (she/they) is a professor and media-maker dedicated to supporting projects that aim at collective liberation. Trained as a director, Dr. Fairfield contributes to live performance, independent film/video, and community organizing. Her academic scholarship focuses on cross-platform performances of queer intimacy, consent, and repair in the midst of ongoing indigenous dispossession and racial capitalism. Dr. Fairfield is a member of the Society for Directors and Choreographers (SDC) and an alumnx of the Drama League Director’s Project, Dell' Arte International, Harvard University (BA), New York University (MA) and Stanford University (PhD) where their 2016 dissertation won the Charles R. Lyons Memorial Prize. They edited a special issue on Intimacy Choreography in the Journal for Dramatic Theory and Criticism in 2019 and serves as an assistant faculty member with Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE) where she educates others on best practices for onstage/onscreen intimacy. Recent directing projects include An EcoSex Tour of the Poudre River with performance artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens as part of a global exhibition on climate change called Extraction, and As One, a new opera based on a transgender woman's journey towards peace under the Northern Lights, which was staged at Crosstown Theatre with Opera Memphis. 

Recent/ongoing creative collaborations:

Opera Memphis  - As One  (2019), Pretty Little Room  (in development)
Knight & Brinegar - Hissifit (2019), Sloppy Bonnie (2021), Doomsurfing (in development)
Dragonfly/Robin Laverne Wilson - ABSCONDED (ongoing)
Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens - Ecosex Hikes & Ecosex Weddings (ongoing) 
Leigh Hendrix - The Special Collection (ongoing)
East Wave Productions (LA) and Dance Nocturnal (Memphis).  


Journal Articles (Print) 

Fairfield, Joy Brooke, Krista Knight, and Barry Brinegar. “The Future of Musical Theatre: An Animation of a Video Call between Collaborators, 30 September 2020.” Studies in Musical Theatre 15, no. 1 (2021): 25–40. 

Fairfield, Joy Brooke, and Enzo Vasquez Toral (and Penelope Sumac). “Cuir Devotion: A Conversation.” Ecumenica 13, no. 1 (2020): 81.

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Fairfield, Joy Brooke, Tonia Sina, Laura Rikard, and Kaja Dunn. “Intimacy Choreography and Cultural Change: An Interview with Leaders in the Field.” Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 34, no. 1 (2019): 77–85.  

Journal Articles (Online)

Mohler, C. E., Jackson-Schebetta, L., Green-Rogers, M. K., Hughes, B., & Fairfield, J. B. (2020). A reflection on the ATHE 2019 session: “Decolonizing Institutional Norms . . .” Theatre Topics, 30(1).

Fairfield, Joy Brooke. Untitled gloss in response to Jaclyn I Pryor’s "Future Perfect." Imagined Theatres 03 (Sept 2019).  Edited by Daniel Sack. 

Book Chapters (Print)

"Not For Profit Pornography and the Benevolent Spectator" in Showing off, showing up: Studies of hype, heightened performance, and Cultural Power. Eds Frederik, L. A., Marra, K., Schuler, C. University of Michigan Press, 2017, pp 255-271

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Ph.D. in Performance Studies (Stanford);
MA in Performance Studies (NYU);
BA (Harvard)