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Jared Millson

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Millson's Website

Jared Millson is a philosopher whose specializations include epistemology, logic, and philosophy of language, as well as topics in philosophy of science and philosophy of mind. His research revolves around the nature of inquiry and includes investigating the nature of the norms governing psychological attitudes and speech acts associated with inquiry, developing formal and logical techniques for modeling these norms, and examining how the demands of inquiry shape the nature of scientific representation and explanation.

In addition to courses in his areas of specialization, Dr. Millson also teaches courses on topics such as the philosophy of conspiracy theories, the philosophical and linguistic study of slurs and pejorative expressions, the epistemology and epistemic practices of Non-Western societies, the relationship between philosophy and science-fiction, and the nature of artificial intelligence.

Dr. Millson joined the Philosophy Department at Rhodes College in 2021. Prior to that he was Assistant Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Bakersfield. From 2015 to 2020 he was Visiting Assistant Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Agnes Scott College, during which time he helped launch a minor in the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, in partnership with Google. He received a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Emory University in 2014 and a B.A. in History and Philosophy from Boston University in 2005.

Selected Publications

"Inference, Explanation, and Asymmetry," Synthese (2021) (with K. Khalifa and M. Risjord).

"Conspiracy Theories," 1000-Word Philosophy.com (Dec. 2020)

 "A Defeasible Calculus for Zetetic Agents," Logic & Logical Philosophy (2020). 30 (1): 3–37.

"Seeking Confirmation: A Puzzle for Norms of Inquiry," Analysis (2020). 80 (4): 683–693.

"Explanatory Obligations," Episteme (2020). 17 (3): 384-401. (with K. Khalifa)

"Counterfactuals and Explanatory Pluralism," The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (2020). 71 (4): 1439-1460. (with K. Khalifa and G. Doble)

"A Logic for Best Explanations," Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics (2019). 29 (2): 184-231. (with C. Straßer)

"A Cut-free Sequent Calculus for Defeasible Erotetic Inferences," Studia Logica (2019). 107: 1279–1312.


Ph.D, Emory University
B.A., Boston University