Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Rhodes, in cooperation with the University of Memphis and the Departments of the Air Force, Army and Navy, participates in crosstown agreements that provide the opportunity for Rhodes students to enroll in Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC), Military Science (Army ROTC) and Naval Science (Navy ROTC) at the University of Memphis. Upon successful completion of the reserve officer training programs and the undergraduate degree at Rhodes, a student receives a commission as a second lieutenant or an ensign in the appropriate military service.

The curriculum for the ROTC program is reviewed by the Faculty of Rhodes and the appropriate credits are assigned. The student who participates in the ROTC programs will have to complete all requirements as specified by the military service departments, including summer training camps, if the commission as an officer is to be granted.

A Rhodes student may earn a maximum of 16 credits in the ROTC programs and apply 14 of these credits to the 128 credits needed for a Rhodes degree. In addition, for each course completed in the ROTC program, the student will receive credit for one of the three half-semester courses in Physical Education that are required for graduation. Credit earned in ROTC is counted as elective credit, and it is listed on the student’s transcript as ROTC credit with the appropriate course titles. Credits enrolled in during a given semester are included in the count of credits for a normal course load. Although a student takes the ROTC courses at The University of Memphis, that student is a full-time student at Rhodes, and any financial assistance provided by the military services is based on tuition and fees at Rhodes. Visit the current Rhodes College Catalogue for degree-specific course details.

Contact Information:

Air Force ROTC
Lt. Col. Harley P. Thompson
Phone: 901-678-2681
Fax: 901-678-3063

Mrs Karlisha Benymon
Office: 901-678-2934
Cell: 901-828-9402
Toll Free: 888-237-ROTC

Lieutenant Derek von Disterlo
Office: 901-678-4349


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