Advice for Neuro Majors

students look into microscopes in the lab

What Classes to Take and When

  • BIOL 130, 131L Biology I (F7). Recommended for the Fall semester, first year.

  • BIOL 140, 141L Biology II. Recommended for the spring semester, first year.

  • PSYC 150 Introduction to Psychological Science (F8). Recommended for the Fall or spring semester, first year.

  • CHEM 120, 120L Foundations of Chemistry (F7). Recommended for second year, or spring semester of first year.

  • NEUR 270: We recommend that you take BIOL 130 & 140, as well as PSYC 150 before taking NEUR 270. The ideal time to take this course is during the first semester of your second year, but spring of your second year works well too. Although this is not recommended, if you have taken PSYC 150 already, then BIOL 140 can be taken concurrently with NEUR 270 during the spring of your first year. 

  • Neuroscience breadth and elective courses are recommended for your second year or later. These courses can be taken in any sequence.

  • Neuroscience depth courses should be taken after completing the introductory course requirements, preferably during your third and/or fourth year. Having NEUR 270 before taking depth courses is not a prerequisite to these courses but is highly recommended.

  • Statistics can be taken any time that fits into your schedule, but preferably before your depth courses