What Are English Majors Doing Now?

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There's no limit to what you can do with an English major. Our graduates go on to fields ranging from communications, marketing, and higher-ed to high-tech, healthcare, and engineering.

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After graduating from Rhodes, I moved to Washington, D.C., and earned my M.A. in English at George Washington University. During that time, I also did the Columbia Publishing Course and earned a publishing certificate. I worked as a literary agent assistant for a year, then pivoted to taking my part-time event planning full time. I now work at American University as an event coordinator and as an assistant for two D.C. area wedding planners.

Reading: These Precious Days by Ann Patchett, listening to Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult.

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I just received my Masters in English from Tulane University, including a Master’s Thesis about Megan Thee Stallion as a modern day blues woman, which I am looking to submit to academic journals this spring. I am also currently working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Kate Adams and her digital recreation of the Women’s Department from the 1884 New Orleans World’s Fair. My work focuses on recovery of the Black women who were excluded from exhibiting with the women’s department.

I have been reading quite a bit of manga, watching anime, and listening to Megan Thee Stallion. 

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After graduating in 2020, I taught English for two years at a preparatory school outside of Phoenix, Arizona. While living in Arizona, I applied for an assistant teaching position through the Japanese English Teaching program (JET) and was accepted. 

A couple months later, I moved to my new home in Gunma, Japan, and am currently living here. As you might imagine, there’s a lot of food to try and Japanese to be learned. And while overwhelming at times, I’ve liked it enough to stay two years out here.

I’m currently reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and listening to Frederick (フレデリック), a Japanese indie rock band. 

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I am currently reading Dune! I also finally took Professor Boswell up on his recommendation and read Rabbit, Run! What a novel. Currently waiting for something as good as Succession or White Lotus to come back to television. 

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I am an Implementation Specialist at Agile Ticketing Solutions, a ticketing software company in Nashville, where I've worked since the fall of 2019. I guide new clients through the process of moving their events and memberships from their old systems onto our software. I am also homin in on the end of a novel draft.

I'n starting Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao. I enjoy watching Demension 20 campaigns on Dropout TV.

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I am currently in medical school in Houston, finishing up clinical rotations and deciding on what specialty to apply to. I’m also very involved in the medical humanities, doing research on reproductive health, and serve as an ambassador for the medical school!

Currently reading What Doctors Feel by Danielle Ofri and Beowulf, a New Translation by Maria Dahvana Headley

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I am currently studying technical at Montgomery College while working as a part-time instructor for the following organizations: CodeAdvantage and VisArts. On the side, I take on various acting and musical gigs, especially if they relate to the flute or ocarina. Speaking of which, I’ll be performing Teresa Teng’s “我只在乎你 (I Only Care About You)” on flute at a church for Lunar New Year. It would be my very first time performing anything that’s not related to Japanese culture since I first moved back to Maryland with my family in June of last year. 

I am currently reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I am watching Blue Eyed Samurai on Netflix, thanks to my new little sister figure. I am listening to various Eastern and Western songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. 

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I am a PhD candidate in English at the University of Maryland. In addition to teaching literature courses at UMD, I am Project Manager at the Dickinson Electronic Archives. 
I am working with our interns on revisions to our exhibit, Writings by Susan Dickinson. Susan greatly influenced Emily Dickinson’s poetry, but she was a writer too! The exhibition provides images and transcriptions of her writings. Her handwriting is notoriously difficult to read, so it’s a great resource.

I’m reading through Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley series right now. And I’ve been doing a lot of my writing to the Kajillionaire soundtrack.

I am a PhD candidate in English at the University of Maryland. In addition to teaching literature courses at UMD, I am Project Manager at the Dickinson Electronic Archives. 
I am working with our interns on revisions to our exhibit, Writings by Susan Dickinson. Susan greatly influenced Emily Dickinson’s poetry, but she was a writer too! The exhibition provides images and transcriptions of her writings. Her handwriting is notoriously difficult to read, so it’s a great resource.

I’m reading through Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley series right now. And I’ve been doing a lot of my writing to the Kajillionaire soundtrack.

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I’m currently working at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center as a Social Media Specialist while working on getting my Masters of Science in Digital Strategic Communications from the University of 
Tennessee at Knoxville.

I’ve been reading a lot of older science fiction! Armor by John Steakley, The Wandering Earth by Cixin Liu, and Dune by Frank Herbert have been standouts.

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I am a full-time mental health therapist based in Nashville, TN. I specialize in the treatment 
of anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and substance use disorders.

I’m slowly but surely working my way through Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado. Watching Ozark on Netflix for the first time. And always listening to podcasts, especially Undisclosed Season 2 right now.

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I started and run a small digital marketing agency that helps residential contractors across the U.S. grow and scale their companies. I have some “done-for-you” clients that pay me monthly to manage their ad campaigns for them, and I recently launched a digital course teaching contractors how to confidently run their own social media ads in-house.

Currently reading/listening to Little Women, Sense and Sensibility, and Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools. Currently watching The Crown and Full Swing.

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I am currently an English PhD student at Stanford University, with a focus on women’s autofiction and the novel post-45. Prior to grad school, I worked in academic publishing at Oxford University Press. For non-academic musings, I have a substack where I occasionally write personal essays. 

Currently reading and writing papers on: Swann’s Way (Proust); Outline Trilogy (Rachel Cusk); Either/Or (Elif Batuman); Age of Innocence (Edith Wharton), and lots of theory! 

Watching: mostly reality TV (Love Island UK) as a mind balm after long days; 

Listening: Underdressed at the Symphony by Faye Webster is a recent favorite album. I’ve also been baking a lot from Claire Saffitz’s Dessert Person cookbook.

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I received my MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California in May of 2023, graduating right into a writers' strike. Yay! Currently I am working in product placement for film/TV and writing my little butt off every chance I get. I have an indie sci-fi film in development right now, hopefully the first of many!

Severance on Apple TV is one of the most exciting shows of the last few years, and I am impatiently awaiting a second season. On the film side, I highly recommend How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2023) if you’re in the mood for some eco-protest. Or, if you need to let out some tears, try the French/Belgian film Close (2022).

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I am an editorial assistant at Disney Book Group for their adult publishing imprints. I assist the two lead editors under these imprints, as well as acquire and edit adult fiction. Outside of working on original novels, I also develop content based on new and existing Disney IP that generates new storytelling opportunities across The Walt Disney Company.

Reading: Good Material by Dolly Alderton, Watching: The Bear, Listening to: Celebrity Memoir Book Club (Podcast)

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I am currently working as a Business Operation Specialist at the MIT Jameel World Education Lab. The last three years, I worked as a senior engineer at a capital markets financial technology start-up on Wall Street.

Reading the Bullet Swallower - I recently finished Donald Glover’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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Working in Los Angeles in film & TV! Currently on The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Hopefully on the way to writers’ rooms and beyond!

Watching: The Bear, Severance, Better Call Saul!

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I’m a Communications Specialist/Social Media Manager for Seeding Success, a local education nonprofit which is organizing More for Memphis. I’m going to start applying to some creative writing MFA programs in the upcoming year.

Reading Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips, watching Doctor Who, listening to a lot of early 2000’s pop punk for a story I’m working on.

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I’m currently working as the IT Manager at The Peabody Hotel. Outside of work, I’ve been working on a short story collection and studying Japanese. I recently traveled to Hiroshima, Japan, to meet my extended family. That was awesome!

Reading: Slow Down: How Degrowth Communism Can Save the Earth - Kohei Saito

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Going to law school in the fall of 2024! Still waiting to hear back from a couple schools, but it looks most likely that I will go to Tulane! Until then I am living in Portland with my family and getting involved in my Nichiren Buddhism community!

I’m reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer, The New Human Revolution by Daisaku Ikeda, and The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis. I’m listening to a podcast called Here and Now with Ram Dass and watching Better Call Saul.

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I spent one year in Bonn, Germany, as a fellow for the Crop Trust, and have since been in medical school at St. George’s University!

Reading The Women by Kristin Hannah, watching Outlander, listening to Noah Kahan’s new album, Stick Season.

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I work as a Production Operations Specialist for Macy’s Studios! My team handles all the safety and logistical needs for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 4th of July Fireworks, Santalands across the nation, and the annual Flower Show. Throughout my job, I have the pleasure of organizing vendors, managing the thousands of volunteers who walk underneath our Parade balloons, and coordinating with City Officials—all of which require strong, clear communication! The skills I gained throughout my time in the English and Theatre Departments at Rhodes have been essential to my success in this role and in NYC! 

Reading: How to do Nothing by Jenny Odell, the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas 
Watching: Abbott Elementary, The Bear, New Girl
Listening: Renee Rapp, Chappell Roan, COIN.

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Immediately after graduation, I came back to Rhodes for a ninth semester where I completed my teacher preparation program while coaching tight ends and H-backs at Rhodes. I student-taught at Overton High School through December before moving back to Los Angeles to begin my career. I taught at two schools in a charter network (Ednovate) in Downtown and East Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to be the inaugural 12th and 9th grade English teachers at both schools and stayed involved in athletics, serving as a Head Boys Soccer coach in East L.A and the inaugural Athletic Director in South LA. My wife, McKenna Davis Breddan (c/o ‘18), and I moved to Salem, Oregon, in 2022, where I continued teaching (this time ELD) and coaching. Just recently, I moved to Spokane, Washington, to be a Quality Control Coach for Eastern Washington University’s football team.

Watching: Will TrentTrue Detective: Night Country. Reading (slowly): 1Q84 (Murakami); Trouble with Girls (Boswell); Memoirs & Misinformation (Jim Carrey); Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man (Heller)

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When I graduated from Rhodes, I went to culinary school. After graduating from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, I started working for a Sports Agency managing professional golfers. After two years in New York, I moved back to Memphis briefly and worked for Church Health. I still do freelance writing for them, though I am no longer employed full time. I also worked for CBS Sports for three seasons while working toward my MFA in Creative Writing and substitute teaching. 

I graduated from the Mississippi University for Women with my MFA in Creative Writing in December 2022. Last year, I transitioned into teaching full time, and I worked as a maternity substitute in the fall and spring at two different high schools in Vail. I now work full time as a High School English Teacher at Vail Mountain School. On the side, I do freelance writing for Church Health and Jaunt Media Collective, which includes three print and online magazines: Covered Bridge, Spoke + Blossom, and Well.

Re-reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Reading:Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs by Wallace Stegner.

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I’m on the strategy team of a marketing agency. They make me come up with marketing strategies so that companies keep making more money. It’s very boring, but I’ve been able to support my wife and I while she goes to grad school so I can become a house husband who cooks stews and cools pies on windowsills.

I read Nightwood by Djuna Barnes a few months ago and thought it was phenomenal.

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I’m currently the 8th grade English teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis. I’m also coaching volleyball and lacrosse here, too!

Currently reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë to introduce it to my 8th graders. For fun reading, 
I recently picked up Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano.